It's official: Sam's the man

Go get 'em Sam!

Newser tomorrow at 3


All things considered I think we are in good shape. Sam will definitely get some players.


I hope that ends all the whining and moaning

Sounds good to me.

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Not a chance…


Now go get a big time, real OC, and get some recruits.

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WPS! Now brace yourselves for all the “experts” to tell us and Sam who he should hire as staff…

That’s one thing we can agree on. Sam has to hit the ground running.

WPS! Welcome back, Coach Pittman!

He’s got 6 days, to get some players and convince some not to sign.

He needs his OC able to tell recruits honestly by tomorrow. Also one to convince ours not to transfer. Pro style = some guys will and should transfer. (Skill positions is the only area of talent on this team)

Surely he can bring a few OL recruits from Georgia with him. We desperately need… everything.

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You seem to be assuming he’ll be pro style. We don’t know that. He didn’t choose what they ran here or at Georgia, he just had to train his linemen to block for it.

I’m down with Sam, he’s one of the nations best recruiters and O-line guys. Youda, what say you my friend?!

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And DC.

I am not so concerned with the type of offense we run as I am the quality.

We need to start with developing a QB & finding some starting, SEC, offensive linemen, and, probably, a starting RB.

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I have been a Sam Pittman fan for a long time. He is very well respected and is probably the best o-line coach in the country and an incredible recruiter which we are going to have to have if we ever going to catch up to the elite teams in our division. He is got an incredible amount of work to do in a short amount of time,really unfair to him to be honest.He will give it 110% and will bring in some very good players just a matter of can we find the right coordinators and find the right system.I’m willing to give him a chance that’s for sure!


might be barry odom as dc

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Boyd might reconsider if he thinks the line in front of him will be greatly improved.

Good point.

I am assuming that. I really want to be wrong. It would be a critical mistake, not might be, it would be.

I think he definitely will reconsider, and should. I have no doubt the Ol will be better next year

That would be a very good hire