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At this point, no matter who it is, there will be fans not happy. The more I think about this possible hire the more I think he has the chance to put together an all-star staff.

My thoughts are he will take less money to have a massive budget for an all-star staff. The man is incredibly connected. I had told my friends if we got Fuentes I hope he grabs Odom as his DC. Well, that may happen after all per sources. Now go get a bad ass OC and others and just manage this thing like Ed O! Plus he is an all-star recruiter. This could be a major win gang.

Yes- it is not splashy but we had a feeling that was going to happen. The more I think about the possibilities with this hire the more I realize it could be a damn good one if he puts together a bad ass staff. Just my opinion and certainly not trying to get into a debate or argument with anyone.

He’s making $900K at Georgia, one of the highest-paid non-coordinators in the country. We’re probably not going to get him for $1.5 million but I bet he’ll take less than the $3.75 million we allegedly offered Kiffin.

(By the way I’m hearing Kiffin expressed interest in the OM job, which prompted Keith Carter to fire Matt Luke, and Jimmy Sexton had an MOU with the Rebnecks Thursday night. In other words, we got played.)

Swine…that’s the point I was trying to make but you may have better explained lol. I just keep thinking it will be a lower salary and his plan is to pay out more to others to put together a stud staff that can coach and recruit!

I would not doubt Kiffin and Sexton played Arkansas to get our best offer, then to tell Keith Carter to top that. I was really for Lane Kiffin to come here, but he fits that Ole Miss fan base to a T. Cocky, superficial, and without a lot of integrity. Kiffen is a rascal, but he would have been our rascal.

Kiffin vs. Pittman. What a contrast.

Except they ask for funds prior to performance; therefore, if you quit donating and purchasing tix, then you forfeit your long held seats.

We cannot afford to wait in that case. We must contribute and buy. Next year would be the one to drop out of the program.

Not me. Most people would agree that we sold out!

Our fan base is pretty crazy, but we are nowhere near leading the SEC fan base craziness. Poisoning rival trees and bragging about it on TV or shooting your neighbor over a last second loss gets you in the top five. But to be near number one you have to stab or shoot a close relative because they root for the wrong team and happen to be at your house when you lose to them. To ascend to the top, you do several of the above and pay a preacher $160,000 for his son’s services at QB and able to lie your way through a NCAA investigation to maintain his eligibility. He was just passing the plate after all.

I was surprised Mizzou didn’t reach out to him. WPS

Burning a QBs truck may not be top shelve crazy but it’s right up there I would think. WPS

I’m talking with the foundation, I’m currently on the waiting list for NEndzone box, will have to negotiate price, but definitely going to BM donor so I can get a decent parking pass.

Hope to see you all at the games!


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