It's not

going to matter who we hire if the fan base can’t quit being bitter about not getting who they think we should hire…If the fans continue to be divided and don’t get behind the new coach then we are doomed from the start. Of all the “families” in the SEC ours seems to be the most dysfunctional…we have to come together at the very least for us to get off our backs and resemble a real team…


Then tell the powers to stop making divisive hires


So who would have been the unifying hire?

I heard we could get Frank Broyles’ ghost for $3.4 million per year. But he might kick on third down every once in a while so maybe that would not work for you either.

Win – as I have said and as other have told me, winning is the only thing that will unify the Hog fan base.

My question is once we start winning again, if we ever do, will we then turn on the coach yet again because we forget all about these 2-10 seasons – and run off a coach because winning 8/9 games per year is not good enough…

There was not one candidate mentioned that everyone could support. What matters is turning around this mess.
Pittman may not be a sexy hire but he’s been around the block and is noted from those around the Georgia program as a BIG factor in their success.

He deserves Razorback fans supporting him. Actually if someone does not give him their support I’d have to question if they are a fan.

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All I’m saying is whoever it is let’s support him…only time will tell for sure…Let’s not bury anyone before the ink is dry on the contract…Hell,…I should be impatient…Pushing 67 and running out of seasons to turn this around…:grinning:

I’m not fussing at you. Doghog is complaining about divisive hires so I am asking him to say what hire wouldn’t have been divisive. If he comes back with anyone who was looking for a job, I will be surprised.

I’m not going to criticize the hire anymore - I’ve said my peace about it.

Now, I bought tickets and upped my donation the last time with Morris against my better judgement.

I’m not going to do that in 2020, but won’t be criticizing Sam on this board and hope he knocks it out of the park.


Let’s all get behind this, if true, and back the Hogs

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Historically 8 to 9 win seasons is right, with a few 7 and a few 10 win seasons in there. That and be competitive in bowl games and in the top 3 of the west every 3 or 4 years. I think that’s who we can be.

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The group I’m with that’s been going to games since 2001 will no longer invest in the program. That’s 32 season tix and 8 donations that total a significant amount.

Won’t be negative on this board… just won’t spend money again.

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Just because people complain about Pittman on this board doesn’t mean they don’t support the Razorbacks, this is not a hire to get excited about.

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That’s where I am in terms of investing.

I’m going to sit back and let them show me that this move is worth investing in.

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Well, every body gets to decide how they spend their own money, including donors and season ticket holders. I won’t be increasing my contribution, but I’m staying put.

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It could easily be one about which to get excited. I expect he will win more games than Morris did. And players are going to want to play for him. The staff he chooses will be the more defining issue.

So when did you stop supporting Chad because only true fan’s bought tickets those last 2 games people who didn’t show up must be traitors huh???

Respect that Jackson…

Everybody short of Saban is divisive to this fanbase.

If we hired Saban, some people would still be wanting us to hire Petrino.

I’d take Booby in a minute.