It's not TD AmeriTrade any more

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Itโ€™s going to take me some time to get used to that. I might need to see it up close again in June to help things out.

just win baby! GHG!

Little known trivia: Charles Schwabโ€™s son Sandy played quarterback at Northwestern in the 1980s. Interestingly, his number of pass attempts went down every year, from 416 as a freshman to 27 as a senior, when he was no longer the starter.

Give you credit Swineโ€ฆ only you could come up with that.

Charles Schwab owns TD AmeriTrade. They bought them over a year ago. Same corporate ownership. Just going with parent company name.

I just remember being struck by it. How many billionairesโ€™ kids would be committed enough to play D-I football in the Big Ten? He threw for more than 5600 yards on bad teams so there was some actual talent.

I never thought a baseball field should be named TD.

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Good point Clay,
HR Schwab would fit, lol.

All tickets are $8.00?

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