It's not analytics

The righty for NCS in his last 33 innings:
47 hits, 29 ER’s, 13 BB’s, 23 XB’s, 6 HR’s…

Hogs win…

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My thoughts, start Connor hope for 3 innings, at least he knows this environment and he seems to keep the ball down.

If at all possible, i would take Christian Franklin with some Predisone and alot of Gatorade and Pickle Juice in him vs Braydon Webb hitting…at least Christian will fight off and look at some balls, maybe draw a walk. Once we get some guys on with the stadium rocking, its all our advantage but we have to get on today.


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Bats swinging, no strike outs looking today. That’s my recipe. I’m expecting Willadsen to start for NC State. Who they have left for relief will be an issue. Could they bring in the guy who started yesterday for an inning or two if needed? He had our number on Saturday.

You called it, too, Jeremy


You use your best today , tomorrow is not promised. Would not be surprised to see Kopps pitch in CW as starter either if they make out of the regional tonight. Stats say the team that wins first game advances 80% of the time. I think DVH is putting pressure on NCS, his team has high level of confidence when Kopps is on the mound . I think K also wants the ball and the chance to get the Hogs a win and personally.

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Willadsen is starting. He’s been vulnerable to giving up homers (12 of them). And the wind is out of the east which will push balls toward the Hunt Center. If we can keep them fair our lefties should hit that net a new times.

They have another LH with 4+ ERA who will come in if they are ahead probably.

I hope I’m right. If Kopps had come in instead of Costieu yesterday, we would already be booking hotel rooms in Omaha.

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Very likely.

I agree, we should win, looking at their pitchers stats. We, however, have been making average or below average pitching look great lately!
We just have to hit this guy and make him look like the pitcher his stats say he is.
Go Hogs, WPS‼️

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remember they can hit also

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