It's nice to be excited again...

I have to admit, I’ve been largely apathetic about basketball the last couple of years. I’ve gone into each season optimistic and with some excitement, planning to go to several games since I’m not too far north of Bud Walton, but by mid-January my interest would wane. I’ve completely ignored games that I could have watched on TV. That never used to happen. I’ve wanted to feel that excitement about basketball that I used to have, but it’s just been hard to find it.

Coach Musselman is bringing that excitement back for me, and I know I’m not alone. None of us know for sure how we’ll do under his leadership, but I’m excited about the things I hear and read about him and how he runs a program. I’m excited to know that others call him an excellent teacher. I’m excited to hear people say that, with him on the sideline, you won’t have to worry about your team getting outcoached. I’m excited to think that his NBA experience and contacts should be a tremendous selling point for recruits who are expecting to play at that level, and I see the possibilities of combining that selling point with the other selling points that Arkansas has. I’m excited that he and his family all seem genuinely thrilled about coming to Arkansas. Sure, anyone would be thrilled to be getting such a huge raise, but I sense that this is not just about the money with him.

I’m excited that Nevada fans, by and large, have been sad to see him leave. That’s a good sign.

I’ve enjoyed listening to some interviews he’s given this week. He’s fiery and intense on the court, but he’s very personable and easy to listen to. He has a real passion for the game. I think we’re likely to get some good information when he’s doing his in-season press conferences, not just coachspeak. It’s one of the things I enjoy about Dave Van Horn. He’s informative and often tells you exactly what he’s thinking. He doesn’t just throw out one cliche after another.

A few minutes ago, I was scrolling through Twitter and looking at some of the tweets posted by his oldest son, Michael (who plans to join his staff in some capacity after being a GA at Nevada this year). In one tweet, Michael was talking about how they chart everything that is said during timeouts of a game. The next day in practice, they follow up on the key points and drill them in practice. He had a picture of some of the very specific notes he had taken for one game. I don’t know if very many other teams chart their timeouts like that, but I found it very interesting.

Scouting reports on opponents. Attention to detail.

Yes, I’m excited.

Good post. I agree with you completely! I’m a ticket holder , the first of Janurary apathy hit me and I didn’t go to a game the rest of the season. I’m very excited can’t wait to see next season.

I’m with you, MDW. I wasn’t in the Fire Mike camp, but Coach Muss appears to bring a different level of energy and preparation; that IS exciting. Looking forward to his results with OUR team.

couldn’t agree more, nice post!


One problem with the CMA era was people like you who stopped paying attention because of early losses in January and decided they were miserable. They then missed the surge in February like in 2018 that had the NCAA tournament committee seed us #26 overall in the nation. That’s not a bad season. That was the pattern with all three of CMA’s tournament teams. In three of the last five years we were in the top half of the NCAA draw, and fans were miserable by January.

The new coach probably isn’t going to get us any closer to a top-10 season unless fans start getting behing the team all year in full force for teams thats are objectively top-30 in the nation instead of pouting before the season is half over. It’s makes it a lot easier on the coach if fans don’t wait for the team to be top-10 and in the EE before they show up and yell at home games.

If you are going to have a blame the fans flavor to your post maybe pick a better season than the 2018 season to do it. With a senior laden team, MA coached them up to a 10-8 SEC record and an embarrassing loss in the first round of the NCAA tournament. No wonder some fans were apathetic by that point in his tenure.

Ahh yes. The fans were a problem approach.

2018 - Arkansas was 9th in attendance … ndance.pdf

At any point was Arkansas a top ten program under CMA?

It seems like the fan’s attendance outdrew the relative success of the program.

Remember y’all. You fans are a problem with this basketball program:

2018 - 9th in attendance
2017 - 12th in attendance
2016 - 12th in attendance
2015 - 11th in attendance
2014 - 21st in attendance
2013 - 20th in attendance
2012 - 23rd in attendance

Now neils knows that Arkansas never finished in the top 25 during those years, but it doesn’t matter. Y’all clearly didn’t do your part.

If you want a top 25 program y’all need to start acting like it.

It was petty obvious watching games that we have one of the least intimidating home environments. In what other broadcasts do you regularly see students holding up signs that say “Yell, old people.” Yes, that is a problem, not the only one. We didn’t become a “basketball school” because Barhhill was a good place to hold study hall on game day.

I have always sensed that unless a fan follows Razorback basketball closely, he or she follows them depending on who the coach is. A good evidence of that is hiring of a new coach brought you back instead of arrival of some major talent. That is a major difference between majority of college fans and pro fans.

As Niels said, those who were apathetic during the last 5 years missed some exciting basketball. During those five years, Arkansas was in 3 NCAA tournaments and one NIT, made 2 finals and one semifinal of SEC Tournamentand, are 3rd best in SEC wins and finished SEC regular season in 2nd, 3rd and 4th in three of those years. Anderson has set the bar higher than most realize.

It will be interesting to see how the next 5 years play out. Will it be better than the last 5 or the same or less? Unless there is a Final Four or SEC title in the next 5 years, they will be measured by how many NCAA tournament appearances Arkansas has in the next 5 years. Will it be 5? Will it be 4?

Oh the crowd could be better, no doubt. But clearly the Hogs outdrew their success by a wide margin.

When listing problems with the basketball program, fans wouldn’t be on the front page.

LOL!. We just hired a coach that is coming off a worse 7-10 loss. Butler was seeded #33, UF #40. That’s another problem. Fans with no perspective. Losing a tossup #7-#10 game in the NCAA tournament isn’t proof of anything for Muss or Anderson. Muss’s outstanding 2018 team was actually seeded one behind us.

It is a major problem when you play LSU, Texas Tech, and UK pretty much even on the road but lose to Ga Tech, Western Kentucky, and a bad A&M team at home. If we pull out those games, we are probably on the right side of the bubble. I think the fans deserve an assist for the home performances. I’ve never seen an Arkansas team get so little benefit on O from being at home. Almost all of their few impressive offensive performances were on the road this season. A young team is one that could have especially benefited from a raucous crowd. It matters.


It is a major problem when you play LSU, Texas Tech, and UK pretty much even on the road but lose to Ga Tech, Western Kentucky, and a bad A&M team at home. If we pull out those games, we are probably on the right side of the bubble. I think the fans deserve an assist for the home performances. I’ve never seen an Arkansas team get so little benefit on O from being at home. Almost all of their few impressive offensive performances were on the road this season.

[/quote]Bigger issue in the GT and WKU games? Free throws or fan support?

Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they don’t have perspective. A 7-10 game is a toss up, but when a team blows you out pretty much from the start then it is embarrassing.


That’s the point. Neither game should have hung on a couple of FTs. We should have blow them off the court. We were the better team at home. Geez, we shot 28 fewer FTAs than LSU in Baton Rouge and only converted 64% of those we got. We still won. And one reason that LSU got 28 more FTAs was probably because the crowd was all over the refs. It almost saved a game for them that should have been a blowout loss.

Did you watch the game? It was embarassing that we started off down 21 - 2. Not so embarassing that we tied it before the half was even over and were down by 5 at half. It was still a 5-point game with 8 minutes left. It is a gross distortion to pretend that that game was a blowout from start to finish. We had our chances. Nevada was actually down by 12 with eight minutes left before making an impressive late run but then getting outscored 7-0 in the last two minutes.

We lost to a mid major team, Butler, that had mid major players. Nevada lost to a power 5 team, Florida, that has power 5 players.

Big East has two of the last four national champions. That is not a mid-major conference. In fact the Big East is far superior to one Power 5 league, the Pac-12. But you keep on ignoring facts that don’t fit the agenda.

A 17 point loss to a team you should beat is embarrassing!!