It's never going to happen (I think) but

It would be fun some year if the SEC put seven or eight teams in Omaha. Just to watch the heads explode in the rest of the country. Especially if three or four of them won regionals/supers on the road to get there.


I’ve had the same thought. I know it’s tough to win it all, but I have no doubt we will face no tougher competition there than in Hoover. This is the year I think we’re the best team in the country and I just want the CWS to make that official. Other than OM and UT, who I just don’t want to enjoy getting there, I’d love to face other SEC teams there.

I’ve always thought winning the SEC is more difficult than winning CWS.

I think they make sure they pair as many SEC teams against each other in the super regionals as they can. That way they can knock out half of them. This is a year that 5,6, or 7 SEC teams really could make it to Omaha. They can manipulate seeding to force those matchups.

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