It's mind boggling to me that we are 9.5-point underdog

I guess I was just intuitively expecting a much closer line. I think home field advantage is usually 3-4 points in favor of the home team, so this line would mean that we would still be a 1-3 point underdog if playing in Fayetteville.

Anyone have a good explanation for why the oddsmakers and betting public would see Auburn as such a heavy favorite?

I assume they’re judging by the A&M and Bama games and Auburn’s D giving up 16 points a game.

Line has gone up to 10 or 10.5, so Auburn money still coming in.

Also, back to back to back ranked, back to back teams with extra preparation, now hitting the road and a completely different scheme… no huddle but run, run, run.

Tough spot, no doubt. :sunglasses:

Be interesting to see what happens gameday, especially if the hook is there, could be a big move the other way.

That’s the name talking. We get no respect. We’ll show 'em.

We have had 3 games that have clouded judgement of the media about our team. Alcorn, Bama and OM have impacted the narrative about our Hogs in different ways. Our Oline and defensive back 7 have been improving but it is was hard to tell until last week.

Alcorn allowed us to play some back ups but we didn’t look all that great at times. We played some guys and developed some experience in the depth chart. Bama tore us up but the comparison with the Tennessee game shows we were better than UT. Bama showed us that we can pass on ANY body even with a weak Oline. Bama killed us by scoring on our turnovers. The Oline made a major improvement against an OM Dline that made FSU look like crap. Our OLine had issues still but it was NO where near what we saw against A&M. The problem is that OM had mutliple losses that tainted our victory over them.

Clearly we are not the same team we were against A&M, and that mostly is because of the Oline improvement.