It's like Larry Johnson told Nolan

We need some more men on this football team.

Funny, I was just thinking the same thing. Did not have the nerve to Post it cause many on here mock that saying, but it is so true. Just watched Auburn. The SEC is a men’s game and if you don’t have them, you are doomed as we saw this season. We read a lot on here about X & Os and how all of that matters. It does matter some, but what matters most is having men control the LOS. That must come first. I thought Coach BB understood that, but looking at his recruits, I guess he doesn’t.

Have to add speed to that. You have be able to move. Auburn and Bama’s LBs cover from side to side very quickly and their line controls the middle. We control nothing but the speed to tuck tail and get pushed around.

I thought the guys played like men the first half. I’ve not seen that against a good team in a while. Then we get a bad break or two and they revert back.

Change is in the winds…

Sad but true.

You have fought the urge to start a Larry Johnson thread for years. :smiley:

I’m convinced more people in Arkansas post about Larry Johnson than in Vegas.


Me thinks you’ve been watching too many malfunctioning scoreboards. And you know how I feel about me thinks. :wink: