It's January 24

And we now have as many wins (16) as we ended with last season.

Anybody still think Mike is on the hot seat?

Shoot Swine I know you’ve read the board, several want Mikes head just on page 1. Whats cracking me up now is the “we can’t win on the road” to “we’ve won a couple on the road” to “those are ugly road wins”

This board (and to be fair, a lot of boards at a lot of schools) are full of armchair ADs whose solution for everything is firing people. “We missed too many free throws, fire the coach!” “We had to come back from 13 down, fire the coach!”

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the “reactionaries”. They often don’t seem to understand what might happen when you fire all of the coaches.

Let’s make sure he gets us in the Dance before throwing the hot seat away. So far, so good.

I think Marty was talking about you.

Between the 16 wins and the 8 players signed or committed, there is no hot seat.

Sure it could return, but there is not one right now

Today there is about as much chance of him being fired as there is of me winning an Oscar, wearing a Cubs hat or rooting for New England

He’s never been on the hot seat with me. He could go 0-18 SEC and I’d still be behind him. However, if we don’t dance this year, the wolves will howl. We’re not quite there yet. Probably need to finish 7-4 and win an SECT game to wrap that up. Looks doable.

Response: There’s no hot seat, that’s wishful thinking on your part.

I agree with you all. There’s no hot seat. There’s no outrage at unexplainable losses. Nothing’s going to happen. You all are right on this.

Welp, we can check off the Cubs hat and New England fan. I know you claim St Louis and Dallas just to keep the AR fans off your back :wink:

Wouldn’t matter if record was reversed. He was never on hot seat. And he has bought himself at least 2 more years with his recruiting classes. Aunt bea’s pickles. There’s always next year. Which brings up the question, does tomorrow ever come? Lol