It's HOT People!

I was off on vacation last week, and it has been hot here in West Monroe. I’ve seen three fairly healthy men today & yesterday with heat exhaustion. Two of them were golfing buddies that played late last week at our state’s top course, Squire Creek in Choudrant, and had plenty,of fluids available.

This time,of the year if you have to work or play outside, pre-hydrate & stay on top of fluids. By the time you’re thirsty, you’re already a liter behind.

Sorry for the off topic post, but this caught my eye today as I saw the 2nd golfer. All is better after a couple bags of iv fluids! I reminded them both we ARE getting older & should be more careful.

thanks for the reminder, Doc

The heat index was brought pointedly to my attention today when I spied a ruddy complexioned fellow with horns sitting within the cascading radius of a lawn sprinkler briskly licking a Popsicle.


I’m in Kuwait and it’s only 45-50 deg Cel, You can do the math. With higher than normal humidity.
At least I work in the office where it’s a comfy 21-23 deg Cel, again do the math.

We have to keep reminding the boys out in the field to hydrate themselves and supply the required drinks to do so, plus coordinate their time in the heat.

Personally I prefer the cold weather. Anywhere-Anytime, Go figure!