Its hard to lose my support

…and Morris hasn’t lost it with me…yet.

But the fact that I am now on the fence speaks volumes.

Maybe its because my grandad was a basketball coach and administrator. Maybe its that my mom was a college basketball player at Arkansas Tech and venerated coaches. Maybe its that my Dad built a high school choral program over time that was arguably the state’s best, and his role model was one Frank Broyles…whose show we watched with zeal every Sunday. Maybe its that as a conductor at a college…I know how hard it is to build a program. How hard it is to recruit.

But man, my support is teetering. As everyone who has been on this board awhile knows…I am usually the LAST person to stop supporting a coach. Yea, I admit I never liked Petrino much…but that was because I knew faculty at Louisville that HATED the man and predicted to me that he would be exactly what he turned out to be. But otherwise I am usually in the camp of giving a coach time in a building process. And…I will admit, I hated it when our fanbase turned on two native sons–both of whom history will now judge as two of the best coaches we have had (Hatfield and Nutt, of course) record-wise.

But, man, this staff is losing me. Offensively, how can you leave in Starkel, when you’ve got Hicks standing over there? Hicks should have trotted out at halftime. Starkel was awful in the first half…this following a 5 INT performance against SJU. Maybe this offense is too complicated for Starkel. But, I remember his tendencies at A&M…and they were the same ones. This is not new.

And #5 gets 15 carries. 15? After the first quarter he had? 24 overall carries from that position. Against a defense that has trouble against the run. First and goal at the 9? No runs. All passes. FG. Don’t understand. I don’t care that their safeties were up. Run it anyway. Then run play action. Kill me for saying this…but Bielema’s style would have whacked Kentucky…and while Chad doesn’t run that offense…he has plenty of power runs with play action off them in the playbook. There was no need to be cute.

Defensively…our kids need more speed at certain positions…but you gotta be able to scheme a way to at least slow down an attack that one dimensional. The option is hard to stop…but that was not a team that practices the option week in and week out. But they looked like a Quinn Grovey led option team in the second half.

People used to criticize Hatfield and Nutt as being stubborn. Maybe they were. Maybe being stubborn prevented Hatfield from winning 11 games…instead of 9 or 10. Maybe being stubborn prevented Nutt from winning 10-11 instead of 8-9. I understand people are always gonna want “more.” Its the nature of fanbases.

But I would kill for a team that even looked like 8 wins might be on the horizon. And speaking of stubborn? Chad is starting to look stubborn. And Craddock. It was as if they had decided the schedme they would run against Kentucky…and paid no attention to the fact that Starkel was badly off…and that when we handed it #5 good things were happening.

I am not calling for anyone to be fired. Certainly not in midseason. One could argue that a midseason firing set into motion the decline of Hog football…that and the FOI’s and plane flyovers and the Petrino debacle.

But another 2 win season leaves HY with a pretty easy decision if you ask me. Win 4-5…job is safe. Win 3…tough decision. Win 2…crank up the coaching job search board.

2 or 3 seems like a dismissal is in order if the three are Portland State WKU and CSU

An SEC football program just can’t retain an 0-16 SEC coach who’s won as many P5 games in five years as I have.

Morris has lost my support. I feel sorry for the players who I will support. Morris is a terrible HC, Chavis is an over the hill DC, and Craddock is an idiotic OC. Plain and simple! We should have changed QB no later than 1st series in 2nd half probably before. We didn’t until until UK took the lead DUH!

Actually…I think I agree. Better beat Miss. State or Mizzou Chad. Preferably both. Neither is likely.
I’m coming home to cheer at the Miss State game. We shall see.