It's gonna e tough to get to 7

I look forward to the trip to Fort Worth. Glad Hogs are playing the Frogs. I don’t look at it as stupid.

Don’t worry. By the time we play KY, Vandy and South Carolina, they’ll be good again. It never fails…

I suppose you’re a proponent to move us to the Big 12?


THE Rick B?

Evidently OP favors scheduling another guaranteed win instead of, you know, a team that can actually play.

Meanwhile, in other threads people are decrying a schedule that might not set us up for a CFP spot.

Point One: Sometimes those guaranteed wins bite you in the butt (see ULM, Citadel and Toledo). You still gotta take care of business between the white lines.

Point Two: SEC does require one Power 5 opponent. There aren’t that many Power 5 teams who consistently suck. There are only so many people who can schedule Kansas or Wake Forest or Indiana in a given year (and remember IU beat Mizzou two years ago when we couldn’t). So, if you have to schedule one, your choices are to bite the bullet and go ahead and get someone who is consistently good (i.e., Michigan, Texas), or hope you get one you can handle. Last year, the one we thought we could handle bit us in the butt too (TTech).

Point Three: We aren’t in position to worry about CFP in scheduling yet. We’re just not. Which is not to say that we can’t catch lightning in a bottle some year and put together a playoff run, a la Auburn 2013. But that playoff run will be with the kind of schedule we have now – the SEC wars, three pastries and one Power 5 team which may or may not be good. Certainly our CFP chances would be better this year with TCU on the slate (assuming we win) than in 2014-15 with TTech on there.

The main reason we should put people like Michigan (yes I know they’re not there any more) and Texas on our schedule is not to position for a CFP bid, but just to have a good NC game on our schedule that will sell tickets and attract national attention. Jeff seems to understand that and is looking for attractive NC games, including some neutral site possibilities. Hopefully these games won’t get derailed like the Michigan series did.

it all comes out in the wash…We did NOT play MO when they were winning the EAST…now that they suck, we are blessed to play them…

Hey Randy. Just now saw your response! I guess I need to turn on notifications or something. How are ya?

Amen to your post, I’m tired of worrying about who next on our schedule. Everyone wants the Hogs to be a top ten team every year and to do so you have to beat everyone regardless who it’s going to be. We are still missing players to be able to pull that off but we are closer to being that team and we will have our disappointments yet this year. I want to see us man up and play these good teams and win or at least make it a game to help us to recruiting the type of players to get us in that top ten every year. There is work to be done, the good news is we have some hard workers and a plan and we are going about it the right way in my opinion. WPS

Having played the game, it’s clear that it’s good that the Hogs played it. I also think it was good to play TCU when the Hogs played the game. Possibly, both teams will be better as the season progresses. I do think playing TCU in week two was the right time to go to Fort Worth. It forced everyone to speed up the process in preseason to be better at the start.

Which team will progress the most over the next two months? Probably the one with the least injuries. But I will say that TCU will win many games because of an easy schedule. I would not want to be playing in Fort Worth in six or seven weeks. I also think Arkansas will progress, but the schedule is much tougher.