It's gonna e tough to get to 7


Always is in the SEC West, but we’ll do it.


Stupid to schedule TCU

We can’t get a break , rarely get vandy or Kentucky

We shouldn’t be afraid to play anyone in the country on any given day. We need to lose the fear for playing legit teams year in and year out.

Bring on TCU. Brnig on any Power 5 team. You become a better team playing legit competition.

I am really starting to feel good about our team. We will be there sooner rather than later.

Bowl win gives us 9 wins this season.

Stupid? You must have more info than I do because I wouldn’t throw that word around without knowing the options we had.

The SEC requires us to play a Power 5 OOC opponent every year.

When we scheduled TCU several years ago, it looked like a good match up versus a name opponent in a recruiting hot bed.

It still does.

Now, it could be argued that it was overly ambitious. But stupid? That seems to be a bit much.

I’ll keep saying this until people understand . . . [color=#BF0000]schedule only matters IF your team and record is good enough to merit consideration for the “Final Four” playoff teams[/color]. In our case, that almost certainly means that we are SEC Champions (in the current environment, it will be EXTREMELY difficult for a non-conference champion to get invited).

History has shown (in the BCS era, when there were only 2 teams; and in the two four team playoffs) that the SEC Champion has an outstanding chance to get invited. Such teams traditionally have 1 or zero conference losses, and are coming off of a win in the SEC Championship game over a highly ranked team. If such a team also had a loss to, say, Toledo or Texas Tech, they might still make it into a four team playoff based on the SEC’s reputation and SOS. Losing to a Top 10-15 team on the road, early in the year, most likely wold still land the SEC Champ in the “Final Four”. It MIGHT cost them a berth, but probably not.

If a team is NOT the conference champion, it has NO negative impact; in fact, high profile out of conference games (unless you always lose them) certainly has a positive overall impact on a program due to the interest and coverage that such contests generate. Obviously, winning them is better, but losing them is often no worse than beating some Division II team by 30 or 40 points. As we know, you can actually get negative blow-back from the press for lining up obvious cupcakes.

We’re not likely to be in the CFP this year (hope I’m wrong!), and we won’t be most years. Almost every team not named Alabama or Ohio State will only be in real contention every now and then; and if you’re good enough to really be in contention, playing one “name” non-conference game shouldn’t be overly taxing. But most years, it’s just an interesting game, with no “national championship” implications. The Liberty, Outback and Capital One Bowls don’t check your SOS when they are inviting teams.

It will be just as tough on most of the other SECW teams also.

Look up our all time record against TCU. I remember us beating them 28 years in a row at one stretch.

I don’t understand why it is stupid.

Explain why playing a highly thought of team in a home-and-home series is stupid.

Was scheduling Michigan stupid as well?

Who should they schedule that wouldn’t be stupid?

But ALWAYS get Mizzou…it all evens out!

Lose to:

LSU (they return everyone!)

and two of these:

that means we have 6 regular season wins…we end with 7 after our bowl win…
Gotta step up the recruiting!

I guess that’s why they play the games on the field and not on a message board but I see 7 to 9 wins in the regular season. Especially if our D can make a decent jump this year.

Actually, when it comes to the SEC schedule, historically, it hasn’t evened out for us. We have gotten the short end of the stick on scheduling as it relates to SEC East opponents.

When it reset, we got jammed (again).

We haven’t played Vandy and UK as much as we should, and when he have, they’ve had some of their better teams.

So, while it should even out, so far it hasn’t.

Ask LSU and Ole Miss how tough it is to play Arkansas.

That is life in the SECW. Pardon me but I am just not a “woe is me, poor little ole Arkansas” type fan.

At the same time I am a “trust your eyes” fan- whether your eyes tell you encouraging or discouraging things.

For 2016 my eyes tell me a 7 win season will be beneath our potential and current glide path.

As is usually the case, the reality is not nearly as lopsided as the perception.

We had two permanent opponents for years, so it stands to reason that in 24 years of SEC play, we’ve seen more of SoCar and EOE-K than of the other four original East teams. Then Tennessee went away after the 2003 season, which was the reset you mentioned.

Also remember that the original crossdivision format was a home and home in consecutive years, always with the first one in Arkansas in our case.

So how many times have we played the rest of them?

Georgia (not counting SECCG) – 92, 93, 00, 01, 09, 10, 14. Next in '21.
Vandy – 94, 95, 05, 06, 10, 11. Next in '18
Florida (not counting SECCG) – 96, 97, 03, 04, 08, 09, 13. Up this year.
UK – 98, 99, 02, 03, 07, 08, 12. Next in '19

Looks to me like we’ve played those four schools seven times each except for 6 against Vandy (they’re up in '18). Played Tennessee 15 times, but that was an annual game for 12 years; 22 times against the Chickens. Now did we catch some of them on the rotation at bad times? Sure. But we also caught UK with a horrible team in '12 (our last SEC win until LSU '14) and Vandy with a real stinker in '10. We also caught a really bad Florida team in '13 and lost anyway.

I am optimistic.

M.I.T? :smiley:

:lol: Nice to have you back, Rick.

I wasn’t particularly GONE. I just didn’t know where to go. Now that I found that HI and WHS combined forces, I found my way “BACK”. :slight_smile: