It's games like today

And they have had many other this season, that they tell on themselves, that they prove without a doubt what they are really capable of. They are a really good team when they can jump the mental hurdles that plague them. When they are focused they are bad news.

These last 4 wins in a row have come with some of those hurdles, but they got over them. Today is who they should be, it’s really who they are. It was beautiful!

Totally agree and lets hope the light stays on the rest of the way.

:bulb::bulb::bulb: Hope the light stays on. WPS

Mike’s teams get better in February. Happens just about every year. One reason I laugh at the people who want him fired in January every year. Not to mention the ones who STILL want him fired. But you can’t fix stupid.

The point is to get in the tournament then get hot. If you’re still playing in April, nobody remembers you were fifth in your conference.

It would be a suprise if the hogs were still playing in April. But nothing would suprise me with this team!