It's games like this that remind us....

I don’t post much and I know many will look at this as an over reaction. If we lose Gafford to the NBA then we are going to be pretty bad for the next 2 years. It may be longer if we don’t get another dominant big man.

We are not a threat and may never be again. This is the worst Kentucky team in the last 5 years. We had a lottery pick at center, three senior guards, and home court going for us tonight. We got punked in our own gym by Kentucky, again. That Kentucky team wasn’t that good. Cal has Anderson’s number now and it is really pathetic to watch.

This game had zone written all over it tonight. Kentucky played our switch on defense perfectly for about 20 points in dunks. Really bad substitutions tonight at very critical times in the game. I want so badly for Coach A to take us back to prominence. It’s never gonna happen because of how the game has changed. If we can’t put our hands on players then hawgball just doesn’t work like it used to back in the day. Defense is what made us great back in the 80’s and 90’s. We scored so much in transition after steals that the other teams were down by 20 before they knew what hit them.

This athletic program cannot catch a break. I guess all of our NC hopes ride with the diamond hogs going forward. I am not a huge baseball guy but I guess I can learn to love them.

Having seen all six of the signees play, I am going to have to disagree with you on that.

I certainly don’t think they will be “bad” for two seasons.

While it is true that Gafford staying in school would be huge, the six coming in are more balanced offensively and defensively than the six going out and better overall.

Reggie Chaney would be starting at the 4 if he was here now.

Keyshawn Embery is playing at a high level now that he is healthy and is a complete guard.

Isaiah Joe is an absolute pure shooter and would be getting big minutes this season.

Jordan Phillips is a different player - a true SF type - than anyone they have now.

Desi Sills is a defensive stopper.

Ethan Henderson is raw, but athletic and is rated the highest because of his ceiling.

I’m not promising that they will be great - especially if Daniel turns pro, but I also don’t think they are going to be mediocre either.

They will be a very different team, especially defensively.

Daniel is a borderline lottery pick based on his potential, not his production

The Fastest 40 works against lesser teams, but it does not work against the good teams…unless we shoot lights out like we did against A&M. There is NO reason we should have used Man and Traps except for bursts of change up shock. This UK team sucks shooting from the Arc so we should have been in match up zone all night, especially after we could see CJ was not hitting shots and even Hall was a NO SHOW. They used our Man against us with screens to free up knox as he weaved through the lane. Knox kept UK in the game because we stubbornly stayed with man. We were out of position so much the last 30 min and it showed in rebounding too.

I hope you are right Dudley because this fan base deserves better.

I’ve heard others say this before and I have always wondered about it.

What does this fan base deserve and why?

I may not end up being right, but at least my opinion is based on watching the group play close to 100 AAU and high school games.

Great post…Totally agree…Many say Coach A is an elite coach. But too me, the jury is still out. Right now I consider us a bubble team. Hopefully our seniors will get us to the dance. If they don’t, Coach A’s seat will get a lot hotter.

Look at the history, games won during the 70’s, 80’s and especially the 90’s. We were considered an elite program in the Mid 90’s. We were consistently good enough to be in the NCAA tourney from the 70s-90’s. 30 years of great consistent performances have been followed by 20 years of much less. MIke has turned it around but we are a fan base that supports the program and tolerated 2 decades of subpar performance We were painted with a racial brush during the Nolan exit and it hurt our image. It hurt us in finding a new coach. The unrest that followed with Heath didn’t help find a good replacement for him. Mike has done a good job or repairing the program. The fan base has done a good job of recognizing racist behaviors. It is good to see our fans embrace 3 black coaches and fully embrace Mike Anderson as a coach and not a black coach. Our program has recovered with the help of Mike and the fans. We will not have trouble finding a good coach like we did after Nolan’s traumatic exit, Heath’s Big10 ball and Pelphrey.

My answer, attendance rank in NCAA:

2017 12
2016 12
2015 11
2014 21
2013 20
2012 23
2011 29
2010 25
2009 11
2008 8
2007 9
2006 12
2005 9
2004 13
2003 14
2002 13
2001 9
2000 6
1999 5
1998 4
1997 5
1996 5
1995 4
1994 4

I think there is at least an ARGUMENT to be made that the fan base “deserves” a top 25 team or better.

I’d certainly agree we’re not racist. I’d certainly love to have taken a shot at recruiting Austin Reeves. Wichita State is pretty good and he’s playing a pivotal role in their success. He should be in the starting lineup for the Hogs this year… Anyone that watched him play in the State Tournament could have predicted his success.

I don’t like the term “deserves”, because it smacks of entitlement.

I do think it appropriate to say that Arkansas has the facilities, the conference affiliation, and the fan economic/interest base to be a top 25 program year in and year out. The basketball program, IMO, should be run with that as the base line of achievement, with a down year still being an NCAA tournament berth. Up years should be serious chases for banners(SEC regular season, NCAA regionals, national championships).

That does not mean you won’t have occasional clunker years where the team does not make the NCAAs, and it certainly doesn’t mean that an early round loss in the NCAAs is a disaster. But it does mean winning a lot of games against quality opponents, and from time to time having really big years.

This has been explained many times before on this forum. Austin did not qualify for SEC enrollment till late. Before that he was able to enroll at Wichita State, whose enrollment standards are less than SEC standards. I believe Arkansas asked him to wait till spring when he could qualify. But you can’t blame Austin for accepting WS offer and lock up a college scholarship while he can. Dusty did the same signing with Texas Tech, although the reason was that schollies were not available for him to sign early with Arkansas.

I had made a comment when the kid from Indiana transferred before the season started that it left Mike with no white players and thus opening him up for possible racist criticism. I wish Austin had waited. He would have been a good player for us and possibly start instead of Beard.

The program has recovered enough that we can attract a good coach.

Careful with those facts, your ruining the whole CMA can’t recruit and Arkansas deserves better than him narrative that’s going on in this thread.

It’s always amazing to me how in this day and age people still refuse to look-up and verify anything before they post. Austin Reeves recruitment has been discussed on every message board in Arkansas. And what’s even more funny is the guy says how everybody could predict his success and how he would be starting for the Hogs this year. Yet, he didn’t have many offers, for the reason you stated above. And he’s only he’s averaging 8.5 PPG, all 3 of Arkansas starting senior guards are putting up better numbers than that, who’s starting spot was he going to take? So much fail in one post.

So we don’t deserve better? We can’t question recruiting? Some of you blind lovers want to diminish the UK loss because it is UK, but do not recognize that numerous issues are recurring and not being fixed from year to year with Mike. This year’s team should be better after starting out like we did through Nov and Dec. Mike made good adjustments last year after Vandy loss but not this year. In the 7th year of Basketball under Mike we should be better. A 13 man roster and 5 starting positions is easier to quickly improve than a 85 man roster with 22 starting positions. We fired a coach in his 5th year at the FB helm after he cleaned up the Petrino mess. He hit his ceiling too and it needed to be dealt with.

Some of our fans are satisfied with where this program is ranked in the season standings. We are behind a lot of other SEC schools over the years. UF has taken our role at the top with UK over the last 10 years. The SEC has been mediocre for the last 5 years until this year. A 13 man roster and 5 starting positions is easy to quickly improve in 2-3 years. Some of our fans are so convinced we can’t find someone to replace Mike they are scared to do anything. There are some fans that are so crazy in love with Mike they believe we are some great program. The blind lovers attack anyone who says anything critical about Mike.

Mike has turned the program around but we are just above average with 2 NCAA appearances in 7 years. He won’t adapt and change to take us to the next level. Keep in mind that I am asking for Mike to adapt and change because I would rather keep Mike, but he needs to go if he won’t adapt. Very few if any, elite teams use Mike and Nolan’s scheme. Why?

Look below to see that we have fallen hard in spite of what some of you want to say.

Arkansas Season By Season Results
2017\t1-1\tDefeated Seton Hall in first round, 77-71
Lost to North Carolina in second round, 72-65
2015\t1-1\tDefeated Wofford in first round, 56-53
Lost to North Carolina in second round, 87-78

2008\t1-1\tDefeated Indiana in first round, 86-72
Lost to North Carolina in second round, 108-77
2007\t0-1\tLost to USC in first round, 77-60
2006\t0-1\tLost to Bucknell in first round, 59-55

2001\t0-1\tLost to Georgetown in first round, 63-61
2000\t0-1\tLost to Miami (FL) in first round, 75-71
1999\t1-1\tDefeated Siena in first round, 94-80
Lost to Iowa in second round, 82-72
1998\t1-1\tDefeated Nebraska in first round, 74-65
Lost to Utah in second round, 75-69
1996\t2-1\tDefeated Penn State in first round, 86-80
Defeated Marquette in second round, 65-56
1995\t5-1\tDefeated Syracuse in second round, 96-94
Defeated Memphis in regional semifinal, 96-91
Defeated Virginia in regional final, 68-61
Defeated North Carolina in National Semifinal, 75-68
Lost to UCLA in National Championship, 89-78
1994\t6-0\tDefeated North Carolina A&T in first round, 94-79
Defeated Georgetown in second round, 85-73
Defeated Michigan in regional final, 76-68
Defeated Arizona in National Semifinal, 91-82
Defeated Duke in National Championship, 76-72
1993\t2-1\tDefeated Holy Cross in first round, 94-64
Defeated St. John’s in second round, 80-74
Lost to North Carolina in regional semifinal, 80-74
1992\t1-1\tDefeated Murray State in first round, 80-69
Lost to Memphis in second round, 82-80
1991\t3-1\tDefeated Georgia State in first round, 117-76
Defeated Arizona State in second round, 97-90
Defeated Alabama in regional semifinal, 93-70
Lost to Kansas in regional final, 93-81
1990\t4-1\tDefeated Princeton in first round, 68-64
Defeated North Carolina in regional semifinal, 96-73
Defeated Texas in regional final, 88-85
Lost to Duke in National Semifinal, 97-83
1989\t1-1\tDefeated Loyola Marymount in first round, 120-101
Lost to Louisville in second round, 93-84
1988\t0-1\tLost to Villanova in first round, 82-74

1985\t1-1\tDefeated Iowa in first round, 63-54
Lost to St. John’s in second round, 68-65
1984\t0-1\tLost to Virginia in second round, 53-51
1983\t1-1\tDefeated Purdue in second round, 78-68
Lost to Louisville in regional semifinal, 65-63
1982\t0-1\tLost to Kansas State in second round, 65-64
1981\t2-1\tDefeated Mercer in first round, 73-67
Defeated Louisville in second round, 74-73
Lost to LSU in regional semifinal, 72-56
1980\t0-1\tLost to Kansas State in first round, 71-53
1979\t2-1\tDefeated Louisville in regional semifinal, 73-62
Lost to Indiana State in regional final, 73-71
1978\t4-1\tLost to Kentucky in National Semifinal, 64-59
Defeated Notre Dame in third place game, 71-69
1977\t0-1\tLost to Wake Forest in second round, 86-80

Mike is giving us the 90’s style and scheme BUT we are not getting anything close to 70’s, 80’s or 90’s performance. The rules and game have left it behind with the hand check changes that happened about 20 years ago, TV timeouts, and the recent impact of the Cylinder violation that keeps you from being physical on traps.

I don’t want the disruption of a coaching change so it would be much better for us if Mike would adapt his scheme for today’s rules. I don’t mind being the guy that points out the problems when the lovers flood the board with Rick Schaefer inspired sugar coating. I fought to protect CBB from the nasty disrespectful comments but NOBODY is being Nasty with Mike. Mike is not a scared cow that can’t be subjected to criticism. The fans that don’t like my critiques don’t have to read 'em, but I will counter post as long as you try to brain wash everyone that we can’t question Mike.

As I have noted many times, if Austin - according to the kid himself - would have had his qualifying score, he would have been a Razorback.

Arkansas was very interested. I went down and spent time with him. Wrote several stories on him as the process developed.

The Razorbacks signed Barford, Macon and CJ Jones as guards in the early period.

Austin has had a better two years than CJ.

Still would have taken Austin - who committed to Wichita State without the score on Jan. 20 - if he had gotten the test score and Arkansas ended up taking Brachen Hazen late instead.

But like Gonzaga, Florida State, Iowa State and Texas, Arkansas didn’t offer because they needed a player that would definitely be there.

Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall took a flier on him, Austin got his test score and the rest is history.

It sounds like Mike did the best he could with the circumstances

Not sure how the jury can be out when he has now been a head coach for 528 games (347–181).

He’s been to the Elite Eight once, the Sweet 16 twice , in the tournament 8 of 15 years as a head coach entering this season, won at least a first-round game in six of those eight, been in the postseason 10 of 15 years and never had a losing season.

I’m not telling you whether you should consider him an elite coach or not.

I just don’t see how that is not enough info to decide.

My own personal opinion is that he is a good to very good coach, but not one of the greats.

I do consider Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson great and that’s why their careers have landed them in the College and Basketball Hall of Fames, respectively.

Technically it is 2 of 6, not 2 of 7 as the bracket has not been announced.

I don’t understand why many don’t respect other’s opinions on this board.

That’s for the pro-MA camp, the anti-MA camp and those who sit in the middle.

All sides seem to do this and then complain when the favor is returned.

I may disagree with some opinions on here, but it doesn’t make mine right and yours wrong.

I will keep hoping for the day when we get to where ideas can be discussed instead of the posters.

One thing I want to emphasize - I am asking for Mike to adapt and change because I would rather keep Mike, but he needs to go if he won’t adapt. Very few if any, elite teams use Mike and Nolan’s scheme. Why? Why can’t mike use more match up zone to pace the fatigue, stop leaving wide open 3’s and keep rebounders around the basket? Why can’t mike integrate some of the fast pace with fundamentals like UF, UK, AU, etc? The blind lovers attack anyone who says anything critical about Mike. They will attack players with no basis and will NOT even think about questioning Mike. They will spread lies about posters, saying they won’t respond to you but then call you out or directly respond in spite of what they say. We have some freaks on here.

Go look at my post history on the FB site, and you will see that I stood up for CBB too much at times. I also focused on trying to get posters to not be Nasty towards the Coach, because some were saying childish stuff about CBB and some players. You will see that I was negative about CBB too, but I did it without calling him names. I have not said ONE bad name or characterization of Mike, yet there are a handful on here that attack. I have not gone away and won’t.