It's Frustrating how irrelevant we are in football

I listen to a lot of talk radio as I go from place to place and have heard 3-4 shows talking about teams chances in the SEC West this yr and every time we are not even talked about! unless its about another teams schedule…I am so sick of this!

We face the #1 schedule in the nation with a QB with very little experience and although KJ gave us a glimpse of hope against Mizzou,he’s still got a lot to learn to be an elite QB.The task ahead of him will be extremely challenging and he will be better for going through it but it’s going to tough on him to face this schedule.

I think our OL can and should be better and we will have good skill people so we have a chance to be good on offense if KJ can be patient and be smart with the ball and eliminate mistakes.

I think the defense can be better bc of experience but IMO the DL will make or break us. We have to stop the run 1st and foremost and we are bringing in some guys who hopefully will allow us to do that.We have lot of options in the secondary and hopefully we can find some CB that can play man to man and allow us to turn up the heat on the QB’s.

I hope our Special team will help us out this yr too bc we really need them to be much improved.

I just hope we can somehow shock the Nation and be much better than expected and MAKE them talk about us.I see Great excitement in our other Major sports and am so tired of being irrelevant in FB…Lets go Guys…show them what you made of!! can’t wait to see us start playing and see where we stand…WPS!

Lots of new bodies on the DL. Several of the new guys have played college football elsewhere:
Ridgeway-NG at Illinois State, where he was pretty dominant at that level of competition.
Tre Williams-Missouri
We also are bringing in Jalen Williams from JC and Cameron Ball and Soloman Wright from HS.

Combine the four transfers with the returning DL, and I think we will have more competition for playing time and better depth than we’ve had in quite a while. If Ball or Wright get in the rotation that might provide some further help. The addition of the transfers also should help the staff develop some of the younger guys already on the roster rather than throwing them on the field out of desperation. That’s been a real sore spot the last few years when we’ve had to play young DL too many snaps too early in their careers.

Yes. It’s very frustrating. It bothers me that we’re going to have to be much better just to finish 6-6. I have a lot of faith in CSP, but no matter how good he is, he will have to show marked improvement this year just to keep recruits in the fold. Maybe if we’d won 2 of those 3 close losses we suffered last year & finished the year 5-5, we’d be getting more respect. Everyone knows we were screwed at Auburn & should have been the winner there, but this year it seems all anyone remembers is that we finished 3-7 last year & went 0-8 in the two preceding years.

Maybe we’ll be better & we’ll get some good breaks & have a decent year. Then maybe we can rebuild to the point where we once were.

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We lack depth and it takes time to recruit out of that. Unfortunately, we are going to be fairly irrelevant for a few more years.

I am ever hopeful that we can recruit out of it though. Time will tell


You must win the close games to become relevant again (Let’s face it, it might be a while before we blow out the teams in the upper half of the league). Beat LSU and Mizzou last year and you’re 5-5 (everyone knows who won the Auburn game on the field, but we were still 3-7 as a result of not winning 2 other games you could have/should have won).

We are on the right track, and have made great strides since Morris left…but it is not ideal to have uncertainty at the QB position when you want to take the next step forward.

My guess is we will come in somewhere between “we suck” and “shocking the world”.

For me, the previously unthinkable has happened. I’m emotionally neutral about Razorback football and have much more focus and effort aimed at Hog basketball and baseball. The transition has actually resulted in much less frustration on my part. :wink:


Let’s face it. You get attention when you win, not when you lose. Add to that the fact is we play in the same conference as some really good teams who do in fact win often.

It did not help overall when we had good teams playing well but airplanes overhead demanding a change. We got one.

Timely and insightful. In my mind we went 4-6 last year and it was ever so close to being 6-4. I am so glad we added the two transfers from Missouri to our defense since they are experienced SEC players with knowledge
of our defense. We have more talent and experience and the optimism is apparent. The biggest question mark is certainly at QB. KJ earned what should have been a big road win at Missouri. He has immense natural ability and
if he stays healthy, with improved OL play I think we can get to 6-6 and gain a bowl game. As always the outcome depends heavily on avoiding major injuries.

Yes I’m the same we way. Have no real expectations at all.I just hope that we can somehow exceed expectations and get us back into relevancy. It’s so exciting when we’re really good in football.


This all happened when I became a Hog fan.


I don’t know that the team has to be much better to finish 6-6 as someone posted. Last year’s team won 3 SEC games. Did not get to play four non league games.

If we’d gone 3-5 in SEC games, lost to Notre Dame and won the other three NCs, there’s your 6-6.

Nine long years since we’ve been relevant in the upper half of the conference standings. A lot of good points have been made by other posters that give hope for a better year to come. I also have a lot of faith in CSP and his assistant coaches. Personally, I’m cautiously optimistic about the coming season (6-6 or 7-5 with a bowl game).

But, to be included in the top 5 or 6 teams in this conference (and be discussed on talk radio as Youdaman mentions) we simply must have stronger recruiting classes. Period. Specifically, classes that rank in the top 10 to 15 in the country.

Currently, most people would say the top 5 teams in the SEC are Bama, Georgia, LSU, A&M and Florida. Bama and Georgia’s last five recruiting classes have all ranked in the top 5. Three of LSU’s last five recruiting classes have ranked in the top 5, with another in the top 10. A&M’s last three recruiting classes have ranked in the top 10, and four of Florida’s last five classes have ranked in the top 15.

Seems to me that I’m stating the obvious, but I just don’t see a lot of discussion about what we need to do to truly make a difference in recruiting.

I believe CSP understands the need. J. Ashley and M. Scherer were brought in, in part, to address that need. While this year’s class is shaping up quite nicely, it will take a big push to land in the top 10-15 when all is said and done. Hopefully we can get there.

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Hope springs eternal.

I believe KJ is the key and Briles to. He did have a very good game last year, good enough to win in fact. That was 1 game tho. By the time we start conference play this year there will be plenty of film on him and the offense for SEC DC’s to dissect.
Then it falls on Briles to bring the unexpected into the offense. Not with cute, fancy tricky plays, but little subtle changes in schemes & formations to bait defenses. Lot on KJ’s plate but at the same time it’s time for the OC to prove himself in his 2nd year. We don’t have the very best or most offensive talent, but have plenty enough to score and win SEC games. How many? We will see.
I agree the defense will swim or sink with Dline. Have boosted talent across the board but still thin with depth up front, there will be an injury or 2 there. Back end seems stocked with good & experienced players.
But like Briles above, Odom has to prove his worth now too. We put a lot on the players but it’s up to the coaches to work with the talent on hand which isn’t that bad.

Then it’s about execution and mental-reduce mistakes and penalties.

Just playing hard with fire and fight is what I’m looking forward to watching.
6-6 would be nice! Recruiting is the only way to improve.

It was very close to winning 2 of of those 3; Auburn and Missouri, right? So incremental improvement in conference wins and winning what we should in non-conference games should put us in a bowl game. As we are in a brutal neighborhood, nothing is guaranteed. We still have to beat Ole Miss, MSU, Missouri, and a muderer’s row. We should show improvement in talent and execution in this administration’s second year. Relevance will only come with winning,

Before the infamous motorcycle ride, we were a well respected football team. After Long fired Petrino, Razorback fans and the rest of the country learned just how much difference a smart, creative coach makes. A talented team that was a preseason top 10 team blundered to a 4-8 record under the leadership of John L. Smith. Long then hired a Big 10 coach who thought that he could adapt Big 10 football and dominate Alabama and the SEC. After a couple of poor seasons, we beat a bad apathetic Texas team in a low tier bowl game. The team then coupled poor recruiting and the loss of its most skilled assistant coaches.The poor results should not have surprised anyone. This led to the firing of Bielema. Just when I thought that the football team had hit rock bottom, we somehow hired Chad Morris. This hire doomed the program to its lowest level ever. It was hard to remember that 8 years ago, we had a #5 ranking in the AP poll.

Sam Pittman will work hard and improve the football program. He needs to sign more players like Burks and Catalon and Arkansas kids like Morgan. It will take several years more to be a top 25 program. It just takes a few years to get over the ludicrous punt return by North Texas State.

The sink hole was dug very deeply over many years.

Bielema should have never been hired. He should have been fired after the 2016 season when the team collapsed and it was obvious his drinking problems were such that he couldn’t hire good assistants.

Then our brain surgeons in charge pick Chad Morris over Mike Norvell? Pathetically sad and stupid decision by people that have as much business hiring a football coach as my dog does.

Multiple decisions by a hapless, moribund administration led us to the decision to absolute rock bottom.

Now to present day. I was opposed to hiring Pittman because of his lack of HC experience, but in all honesty he was about down the list and HY had been told no and Hell no several times.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the product he put on the field in his first year, but we have a long ways to go and the road back is full of potholes and will be crooked. It also may end up being a dead end.

All very depressing and season ticket sales show lots have decided it’s a trip they aren’t interested in taking anymore.

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I said that. You’re right. It wouldn’t take much improvement to get to 6-6. We were close to 6-4 last year. However, I think it is really important we get there (6-6). I’m afraid it wouldn’t take much to finish well below 6-6, either. Have to win 3 non-conf games. Got to get 3 more wins somewhere. Very doable, but hardly a certainty

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we may be never relevant again, see vandy under James Franklin. Most Bama, GA and FL recruits do not have to set foot on campus to be in the mix for sigining their national letter. IF we can get them on campus then we stand a 50/50 chance of enticing them to sign. Treylon Burks only has one year to put us on the map with a national focus on AR, then it is bye bye til his successor shows up. WE need a Ronnie Cottrel to show up in Tuscalooser and force the hand of the NCAA, squad of 85 takes much longer and is dependent on too many independent variables mixing together to win than is Muss and his 13. Aubbie and TN are vulnerable this year, we gotta show enuff to pass them even if only temporarily and our recruit base has to go big in Texas and hit all the other locatons to return to greatness of 60’s and 70’s. Hatfield was a winner but not on the same level as those teams JFB put together. Frank was consistent and Lou was a short term wonder with ambitions beyond Fayetteville. Agree we are not yet reliably relevant, occasionally can bite the big boys in the azz but not in the mention for even a 12 team playoff for a long time. I hope a new chancellor is as good as Yurachek to make that winning process a valid possibility. Past complacency had us circling the drain.