It's complete and utter BS

That we won’t get to play either of our games against A&M. They are most likely the worst team in the conference. I used to have a great deal of respect for Buzz. Not anymore. How can a school absolutely lose control of their s@$& when it comes to Covid? Maybe by putting 50k in the football stands during a pandemic…Typical Aggie BS. So now we have to lose 2 probable wins, but still play Bama and LSU twice…Muss has every right to be pissed. I am pissed. Still, there are games to be played…2 at home. I can’t help but think of Major League…let’s win the whole MFing thing! Go Hogs!


None of us like it and obviously things are out of whack in college station with Buzz and his team. Time to just beat Bama and LSU then. More prep time. Forget aTm. Nothing is guaranteed anyway.

Agreed. Go Hogs!

Just wish I had a Razorback basketball game to watch tomorrow.

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Don’t we all. I guess I’ll watch the FL game for the 4th time.

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Hard to believe that on a campus of 30,000 people, they can’t find 7 or 8 good men to take an a_$ whuppin.

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That is worth watching though🙂just like a John Wayne movie

Aggie campus is closer to 65,000.

While it would be nice to beat the Aggies 2 times this season the hogs had nothing to gain! 2 wins and a cushion in the conference standings. That’s it! Go win the other 3 games on the schedule and forget about it.
The top 4 seed in the SEC tourney is up for grabs. Go take it beating better competition! Heck it would be nice for the SEC to throw Tennessee in the Bud
On March 6th! That would leave the Hogs one game short of the full conference slate on games.
It stinks that LSU has 2 wins over Texas A&M!

I know I have no evidence of foul play (pun intended) and I tend to be cynical, but it seems amazing that when in the midst of a run for the BCS playoffs, the Aggies seemingly could keep a football team with about six times more kids to monitor and protect in good stead, yet have extended troubles with basketball. Not to mention that from a visual observation they played the home football in a very questionable adherence to social distancing and crowd limitations.

All it takes is one or two (with contact tracing) to stop a basketball team. 2 or 3 Covid positives will not stop a football team.

Aggie game down there would have just barely been Q2, and might not be by the end of the season. Aggies in BWA are a solid Q3, As Army said, nothing to gain and potentially a lot to lose (not only a bad loss if it happened, but we could get somebody hurt).

Clay’s right. It’s a lot easier to wipe out a basketball team with contact tracing than a football team. If you have 13 on scholarship and a bunch of them are quarantined, you can’t play. Basketball is also considered a high transmission risk sport, which makes sense given the close proximity of players, particularly bumping and banging in the paint. We knew that you had to have 53 available players during football season; if that number has been released for SEC hoops, I can’t find it

Just another reason for the Aggies to stay away from those sheep…

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College Station, Texas, where men are men, and sheep are nervous.

Yes, I know the numbers are smaller so it does not take a large number to shut down basketball, but if you look at the concept of contact/interaction it would seem to me expanding the numbers (15 basketball versus 85+ football players) would increase the odds of the exposure of a football player and a contagious individual, thus bringing the impact of the virus into the football community. From what I know, it seems we saw more COVID within our football population, than in the basketball community.

Keith, it has been tougher on basketball. The explosion of numbers in the community happened in January. Did not bother our team. They all had it and got over it before the season. Other teams not so lucky, if that’s a fair word for contracting Covid-19.

Swine, loved your comment about the nervous sheep. Aggies have always been a little different.

Derived from an old state of Montana Joke
Where the women are scarce & the sheep are scared.

The one thing I do look at Ian who did play Texas A&M? LSU has won 2 games this season over A&M! We haven’t played them 1 time. Will we? I hope not! Serve up the Vols for a rematch!

I actually stole it from a Kansas graduate talking about K-State, but it certainly applies. There are all sorts of jokes about lonely Aggies and livestock.