It is getting even better - Chad “Can I interest you in a used Hyundai” Morris promised the best DC hire in the country and boy did he miss. How many programs have been down and made excellent recoveries since the CBP fiasco? One just played for the NC. This is how it will be forever unless we quit the carpetbaggers and demand quality for our donation money. Chavis - excellent.

Chavis is the biggest name we have had as D.C . since Monte Kiffin was here under Holtz.

Six or Seven years ago you could have argued that our current HC and DC were the two best coordinators in the entire country…I don’t believe they have forgotten how to coach during those few short years.

When was Georgia down? It has won 10, 12, 8, 10, 10, 8 and 12 since 2011 and hasn’t missed a bowl game in more than 20 years.

where did my post go I just submitted on this thread??

When they got here 6 or 7 years ago if they had recruited some speed instead of size they would probably still be here.

I like Chavis personally,my only concern is his defenses got worse every yr and he had very very athletes,has the league figured him out?? I love his aggressive style of play which I have wanted for a long time but hard to overlook giving up 40 pts 5 times last yr.I just hope he can make some schematic changes and get us to improve…

Job one for Chavis will be to recruit SEC players. That has been our biggest problem on D. We need DLine and LB’s that are strong, fast and hard nosed. And we need SPEED in the secondary. There are some kids coming back in the secondary with speed which will help. Bringing on Caldwell is HUGE - he is an ace recruiter. And from all indications so is Cooper. And if Scott is retained he’s anothe plus selling kids on the Hawgs. We need the Jimmy & Joes and folks whose opinion I respect say Chavis can evaluate talent and can get in top rated players living rooms.

Recruit SEC players. Yes sir. That is job one.

If you can recruit defensive linemen, you can play defense in Arkansas. How as the Arkansas defense with Trey Flowers and Darius Philon in the defensive line. Get some solid defensive linemen, you can win. And, you can get them at Arkansas. The best thing you can do is hire a DC that players know and believe in. John Chavis is that guy.

Some of you people baffle me. No, his last couple years at A&M weren’t his best, but he was asked to turn around what was basically a Big 12 defense. And he did! And he did it with both highly and very lightly recruited players! Good grief. The Chief is probably the biggest slam-dunk hire this program has had in a very, very long time. You want to bring in recruits with some stars? This is exactly how you do it! I’m liking CCM more with each passing day!

One thing I am certain about while talking to recruits these past two weeks is that he has star power with the recruits.

Will he be great at Arkansas? Can anybody be?

Only if they got get some players.

At least some are listening to Arkansas because of him.

I didn’t want Coach Chavis 2-3 weeks ago due to expectations from Coach Morris statements and the bowl game performance reinforced that…

In the following days every single candidate listed on this board as a dream scenario (besides Venables) was neutered & spade in bowl games.

My allegiance was gained once Coach Caldwell was a rumoured addition.

Arkansas may not field a top 5-10 Defense next season but the impact will definitely be immediate.

I’m not suggesting he deserves your steadfast support today but at least give the guy the opportunity to earn it.

I think it is a great hire.

I’m not sure what some folks want or expect. I’d like to see who they think is the best and how you get them to come to Arkansas.

I like the hire. Besides trying to turn around a Big 12 defense (as was alluded to in an earlier post), he’s had to do it handcuffed to a team that liked to play up-tempo. Now, he’s going to try to do that again here, and it will take time. Giving up a lot of points is not unusual in this era of football. When we get some players, I don’t think Chavis’ defenses will be giving up 40-plus points in the same manner they did at Texas A&M, but first must come the players.

Poster is probably referencing the Ray Goff era at coincided (mostly) with us joining the SEC.

They were 46-34-1 from 1990-1995. You would have probably been very young.

No, I remember Ray Goff years. I remember Arkansas going there in 1993 and beating Eric Zeier.

But the original poster said, “How many programs have been down and made excellent recoveries since the CBP fiasco? One just played for the NC.” That makes it seem he is saying Georgia has been down and made a recovery since Bobby Petrino was fired here, which is not the case.

Im a worn out Razorback fan - there are many of us
There is a lot to be angry about

Angry like I see you are

Let’s see how our new HC and his old hand DC do

After all I doubt he will tell us to “Smile” that our program belongs to the whole state of Alabama”

Let’s give them a chance

Let’s see how they preform before we mock them

You would want the same - wouldn’t you?

Please don’t take this as a put down - it’s not

Just think we need to give these guys a chance before we condemn them

Chavis’ record is 215-79. That’s 73% winning percentage. Wins and losses. That’s how to evaluate a defensive coordinator. Anybody find a better record over that many years?

Ah. I should have read the post.