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reported so, I’ll say there’s at least one prospect expected this weekend for an official visit. He hasn’t made public his plans.

Also Shamar Easter is visiting South Carolina this weekend, according to his coach Matt Richardson.

I question I have had for years: Coach X leaves school A for school B. It is it considered “ethical” (not asking if it is against the rules) for him to try to get the kids he was recruiting for school A (and paid to do so) to follow him to school B?

I know it happens all the time, I am not picking on this particular coach. I just will say I have never liked it, even when it helps us. It just seems “wrong” to say “yesterday I was telling you it was in your best interest to go to school A, and today, I am telling you it is in your best interest to go to school B”

Agree totally. It is unethical even if legal.


I get Shamar visiting South Carolina. He likely feels he owes that much to Loggains. However, I do hope at the end of the day he stays with the Hogs.

I was thinking Shamar committed before we even hired Loggains, but he didn’t. According to the 247 timeline, he had two unofficial visits in the summer of 2021 after we hired Loggains, then committed in mid-August.

Maybe Coach Turner will bring Walker Lyons in for a visit since he’s no longer committed to Stanford.

Maybe recruiters should substitute the bolded phrases with “be coached by me.” :+1:

Again, I get it. I know it happens. But as I said, I don’t really like it even when it works for us.

We are assuming Loggains contacted Shamar. What if it was Shamar who contacted Loggains and asked if he could visit. Many recruits are committed to the assistant coach that was primary in their recruitment, even more so than to the school. This is why we fans want the head coach to hire assistant coaches who are great recruiters.

That is a good point. I still (I know being way to much “Ivory Tower” here) don’t really like it. But that does make it “better” if that is how it went down.

Shamar and Loggains are extremely tight. Not surprising he’s visiting.

That’s why I mentioned Walker. He’s not committed anywhere so he’s fair game. I think we need another tight end or two on the radar because we may lose one or two that are currently committed to us.

Reasonable question, but whats ethical was removed from the equation of pro… er college sports long ago.

Washingtonitis has hit college sports.

VERY very true

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