It's Arkansas ... need we say more?

Three guys right there to catch it for first championship ever and they all miss it. I’ve followed Razorback sports for years and here we go again. Don’t be surprised if OR State really puts it on them tomorrow, given such a let down. When you strike out 10-15 times in both games, hit no home runs and almost no extra base hits and then mishandle routine pop-ups, you don’t win. Another loss pulled from jaws of victory and another chapter in Razorback sports.

We have played (offensively, partly defensively here and there) like complete and utter dog sh!&. We had a chance to win it, and blew it. In my mind it’s over.

Maybe I’m two years, but in my mind we can kiss this one good bye.

What negative comments glad you are not a coach!

Why would anyone be negative after seeing a National Championship go up
in the air and go THUD right before your eyes?? :roll:
Our hope now is for a minor miracle and a win tomorrow night rather than
a beat down.