It's almost February

And thus is time to dive back into the Bracket Matrix, that compilation of all sorts of bracketologists (one of which is done by a lawyer in Arkansas named Josh Hall who calls his bracket Razorbrackets; Josh was only slightly less accurate than Joe Lunardi last year). Josh hasn’t done his first 2022 bracket yet but promises it soon on his Twitter page.

As of yesterday (not updated since the Ole Miss game), Hogs were listed in 58 of 93 brackets. They were the first team out in the Matrix compilation. Which I’m not quite sure about; Oregon, the last team in, actually had a worse average seed than the Hogs (11.24 for UA, 11.27 for Faber) but were named in 63 brackets. Anyway, once there’s an update I’m confident Hogs will be in the field. At the moment, five SEC teams are in the field; us, Florida and Moo U are the first three out.

The best seeding for the Hogs as of yesterday was one 8 with a few 9s.

Also in the field is ASWho, which apparently is leading the Sun Belt. Supposedly they have a key game tonight at App State, whose arena I drove past Saturday afternoon on my vacation in the NC mountains.

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