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But did we disrespect the Tenn BB players after the game and walking off the court. I’m sure something went on but did we just raise our ugly head to the public? And the nation?

Thoughts and what say you?

I don’t really understand what the issue is. Looked to me on replay like the coaches acknowledged one another after the final buzzer then the players on both sides did their own thing. Non-issue to me.


After the women’s game today, Neighbors and assistants waved at the Kentucky staff. The UK HC and a couple of players shook Amber’s hand, but other than that did not seem to be a handshake line or anything,

Which, by the way, is a recent development. There were no postgame handshake lines in Barnhill in the late 70s-early 80s. You just left the floor afterward.

The first time I saw post game “hand shake line” was when my son played T-Ball! I get “sportsmanship” but handshakes (at a major level) are only asking for trouble after a hotly contested game.


I think there’s a lot of just waving down to the other bench nowadays with all the covid. I’ve seen some shake hands but most just wave down the other bench.

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I was a little surprised at first because we have shook hands or done some kind of acknowledgement post game, I think at least once… because I remember thinking wow muss really only shakes hands when we win. although I know we haven’t done a handshake line every game. But as I kept watching it looked like the Tennessee players peaced out first and went straight to the tunnel. So I’m curious what people at the game saw up close?

I thought last year they formally announced there will be no handshakes after college games due to COVID concerns. A wave to the other team/coaches was standard. I just thought this year was a carry over from that edict last year.

Muss acknowledged Barnes after the game.

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Just posting what was showed to me.

I didn’t see anything at all after the game that seemed out of the ordinary. Muss is not a big hand shake guy, his background is mostly pro ball, that’s not a thing there. He shook Barnes hand, but usually it’s just a wave of acknowledgment to the other coach. Pretty much been like that since he’s been here

It was out there today that our student section was flipping the Tenn. players off as they were leaving the court. If so, disappointing.

As the resident Hog Sports guy in the family I was given this info…

I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Certainly not any different than what Razorback players and coaches deal with on the road

This is what is being talked about, including other Arkansas sites where fans are calling on our own fans to stop this type of crap…so I assume it happened since we’re “self reporting” it.

No need for that stuff. Be hard on them, sure. But we don’t need to act like LSU fans.

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I seen several of our players approach Tenn players around mid court near the tunnel to shake hands and embrace one another after the game.Didn’t witness anything negative.

You could see it on espn. I don’t know how noticeable it was for everyone since it was zoomed out pretty far when they were going in the tunnel. But I knew exactly what those kids were doing when I saw them hanging over the railing of the student section. Middle fingers were clearly thrusted into the tunnel. If I’m honest it didnt bother me too much. But I was real surprised to see that. I mean it wasn’t a particularly chippy game or any controversy going on. I don’t think those Tennessee guys did anything to deserve that. In fact it’s just motivation for them for next time we have to play em this year. So ya it’s pretty dumb.

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I seen the video, at least 2 birds were flying from AR fans right in the Vols players faces.

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I’m sure Tennessee will remember this when the Hogs play in Knoxville in a couple of weeks. Nothing like giving them ammunition.

Another example of a situation where there is little accountability. I’m certain those students wouldn’t be brave enough to walk up to the same player in person and flip them off, especially without all of their other students backing them up. I consider them cowards.



As in what I heard…