It's all about recruiting

Look at the type of athletes and basketball players LSU puts on the floor and look at us. Our defense looks like a high school team. You don’t see any ibbys,adrio,Gabe’s out there for LSU. Mike better bring in 3 or 4 super impact players or next year will be his last IMO…

LSU has had a few top recruiting classes recently.

Actually, LSU only has their starting 5. Their bench is worse than ours. They’re just hot at the moment.


This staff just hasn’t recruited well enough to substain success we were the second best program behind Kentucky a few years back finishing as Sec runners up but we haven’t built on that success with top recruiting classes

I’m a Mike Anderson fan I’m hoping we can turn it around on the recruiting trail

Love the fight. Wore LSU down, but we have GOT TO FINISH!!!

AJ Bramah get him ASAP and others as well

Might help that Wade pays for players. LSU is fully behind being a cheating school. … eport.html

“So you said to me in Atlanta there was a 2019 kid I wanted to recruit, they can get him to LSU, you would have funded,” Dawkins told Wade, according to Donnelly. “Would you want Balsa?”

“Oh, the big kid?” Wade asked.

“Yeah,” Dawkins confirmed.

“OK. But there’s other (expletive) involved in it,” Wade said. “I have got to shut my door … Here’s my thing: I can get you what you need, but it’s got to work.”