It's all about matchups

In the NCAA Tourney. I’m sitting here watching Kansas, a 1 seed, absolutely certain we would have beaten them.
I’m shaking my head wondering how in the world that Duke was a 2 seed?
Give Muss 4 days to prepare for Duke, instead of 48 hours, and the outcome might have been way different.
Regardless, dems the breaks, but we had a marvelous year.
Next year, I hope it’s us with a 1 in front of our name. Go Hogs!


I think the Hogs had a great year! They were fun to watch even if some people called it ugly wins. I liked it. I love a team with grit and that never backs down.

Agree with you on match ups. But what I think Duke showed is Muss needs to take the next step and build a prolific offense to go with the in your shorts man to man defense. Coach K exploited our D with those curls to the basket. There were just too many weapons to cover.

The future is very, very bright for Razorback basketball.


Plenty of offense coming. Muss had to win ugly this season without a true point…and he did. That won’t be the case going forward. Go Hogs!


oops, Kansas has more than justified their #1 seeding in the 2nd half. From 6 down at half to a 15 point lead. I guess they woke up at half time.

I still think we would have fared better against KU than Duke, Larry. I’ve wanted to play Kansas for a long time. It’s crazy the proximity between the 2 schools, yet we have hardly ever played them. I hope that changes. After what Kentucky did to them in Lawrence, I still see them as a fraud…and they are playing a 10 seed today. Can’t stand Bill Self either.


I count Bill Self as one of my closest friends in the coaching profession.

We got to know each other really well being in the Sutton coaching family.

Sit together at Mrs. Sutton’s funeral.

I think Duke was just better than Arkansas and would have taken down Gonzaga if Arkansas had not.

Kansas is pretty good, too.


I don’t disagree because we probably match up better against Kansas. I also still believe we would win 4 or 5 times out of 10 against that same Duke team. I’d bet Duke’s win against us was their best, or maybe 2nd best, game they played this season. We needed to play like we did against KY, Aub, and TN (at home), to stay with them last night. Duke was definitely the best team last night.

By the way, Kansas beat Miami 47-15 in the 2nd half. Phenomenal defense, that probably had 20 of those points off steals. Duke/Kansas would be a barn burner of a championship game.

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And Duke will win.

I’m glad you are friends with Self, Dudley, but it’s very obvious he is a cheater, and I can’t let that go. My cousin Ryan said Self was nice the time he met him, so there’s that. My opinion is only my own. I have no connection to Eddie Sutton. My prevailing memory of him is “crawling to Kentucky.” Not a good memory.

I do wish you would answer my question about whether the McDonald’s 3 point and slam dunk will be televised?

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Can you imagine if we would’ve had to play St. Peter’s instead of Duke to get to the Final 4…or Miami? It sucks that the only region that the chalk held was ours. Sigh…
Onto next year. Go Hogs!

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Hmmm. Was the HC during my time on the Hill. Great years, great teams, and very good coach.

Awesome, Danny. Glad you had fun. My family had some business dealings with Sutton that weren’t so fun. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Wish we would have gotten Self when Frank had him ready to come. You can thank White for that. Self is a great coach.

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Would you trade him for Muss with the cloud hanging over his head? I wouldn’t. Ever. Why in the world would you ever have to cheat in basketball at Kansas? The NCAA probably doesn’t have the guts to answer that question, but at least Les Miles is back to eating grass.

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Oh my…never! He’s a cheater.

Monday night 6:30-8 on ESPN

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Thanks, DD.

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