It's Aggie Week; where are all the Aggie jokes?


Please don’t waste the annual opportunity :smiley:

It’s hard to job about the Aggies when we have our own problems.


Recently in this series, we are it. :oops:

Sadly true. We are the Aggie joke.

Oh come on guys, I’ll bite, just bc it’s been a rough week & I need to see some,other jokes for a laugh!

I heard the Aggies had a new mascot–a zebra…they named “Spot”

OK. In mine, the Aggies developed a spaceship that successfully travelled to the sun.

That’s the spirit. Thanks Fellas.
Still waiting on Marty to remind us that there are no Aggie jokes; they’re all TRUE! :smiley:

Well, I was going to do that after a few jokes were posted. You beat me to it. So I guess that there is nothing left but to

This year I’ll save the Aggie jokes till after the game.

But they had to leave at night so they wouldn’t burn up.