Its a Sign

I travelled up to Fayetteville for the Hogs handling of Tulsa and was very impressed. But it was something else at the game that got my mind to remembering. It was when Coach Pittman came on court during a break that caused me to think back. I was at a game in Barnhill 40+ years ago (OMG yes it has been that long) when I was still a student there. It was at this early season non-conference game that the then AD introduced us to another new football coach. He was nothing like Coach JFB, his accent/speech in sharp contrast to the sweet Georgia drawl we had all grown accustomed to. And he was a little scrawny guy, not the prototype of a coach. After his short remarks the crowd did one of the loudest most coordinated Hog calls I have ever heard. At the time that seemed like a pretty bold choice. But just over a year later I was sitting on a Monday night in early January at a football game in Miami Florida watching us dismantle a very good Barry Switzer OU team. So I think overall that experiment played out pretty good. Is it possible the same scenario plays out again? Not likely as quickly for that team that Coach Holtz inherited was stacked with All Americans in the trenches, Leotis Harris, Dan Hampton, Jimmy Walker, Greg Kolenda and others. The current team is not so blessed so my hopes are tempered a bit. But regardless, I think its a sign.


We are hoping it’s a good sign! Coach Pitman has had success building Olines that gives us hope! And he has had that success on the hill!

Sam is already well versed with the Hog Call.
I think Lou learned it on the fly.