It's A Shame To Have The Sticks...

And pretty good starting pitching this year, only to have marginal relief pitching. They better shore this up, or it’s going to cost us hosting in postseason & a chance at a special season.
That was painful to watch last night. Played & pitched so well until the 7th. Can’t hit or walk batters late in the game, and you gotta make outs on grounders. We gift wrapped that one last night for LSU.

It wasn’t one thing. It was relief pitching, not driving in more runs and the errors. Had to do a lot of things wrong after doing a lot of things right earlier in the night. Stranding 14 will get you beat. Jax Biggers blew a play that was pretty much routine. Kevin Kopps and Cannon Chadwick both struggled. Took a good team to take advantage of all of that coming together and LSU did.