It's a miracle

They are only down 8. They brought nothing. inside block, inside block, inside turnover, inside block… should be inside out. It NEVER comes back out.

No energy. Should be rested. Unforced dumb stuff, alive and well. Typical road tempo. Slow.

If not for Trey and Cook offensively we would be toast.

The most mental team ever. Incredible. They seem to like it.

team has no business going to the NCAA.

They will.

LSU is not good. They have to show something here. Even if they lose, I want to see guys hustling, closing out on shots, rebounding, and sharing the basketball. I haven’t seen that yet this game.

LSU has made 10 3’s. No now it’s 12.

The LSU coach is out coaching us big time…

This team is just sorry!

This team is just sorry! Fail to communicate and loose a rebound out of bounds fighting over the ball with a team mate. Macon gets a layup finishes the 3 point play with the free throw and goes to the bench. He fails to realize their poor play and results have them in the same poor position they were in last year. If they get beat today send them to the NIT.
They miss free throws so going to the line is not a sure thing.

Gas, I don’t think so. They’re toast.

Worst defensive shooting percentage in the conference. Every single team lights us up. We make it so easy for them. WIDE OPEN SHOTS. Game after game.

Watching other very good teams play defense and they seem to expend much less energy and keep players covered much more efficiently. On almost every defensive possession we allow a player to be wide open due to our constant double teaming and extending and spreading our defense almost out to half court and from one side to the other.

Keep playing the same type of defensive attack and expecting different results could be called …

Really getting old watching other teams light us up from 3 point land. I love the turnovers and the resulting points off those turnovers, but we can’t allow a very average team shoot 50% from 3 point land.

Hey Armyhog you constantly blame the players and blindly support the coach.
Who coaches the Razorbacks and is paid millions of dollars a year?

Who recruited these players and others over the last 7 years?

Who chooses to use a defensive scheme that our roster and talent can’t support?

We have had the same problem with trapping defenses during his time here. We leave shooters wide open if a team will swing the ball around to find an open guy with us trapping/doubling others. We have bigs on guards via bad switches that teams know they can get if they rotate their offensive players. Who is the person that chooses to use this scheme?

Who is the person that has stubbornly chose the trapping scheme for 7 years but last year finally succumbed to the failure of the scheme and switched to more Zone to save the season?

Who chooses to let the guards dribble around to go 1 on 1 yet still do a bad job of running the offense?

Who has let the SR guards run the offense and barely pass the ball into Gafford to create an inside out game?

Well they won’t be going. They have to sweep at home to finish at .500 in the SEC. Just don’t see that happening.