It's a long season, but

… EVERY game left on the schedule is winnable if we just play to our potential … no miracles necessary. And that’s against one of the “projected” toughest schedules in college football. A few short years ago I wasn’t sure the Razorbacks would ever be in such a position again … at least, in my lifetime.

Thankful for the NIL/Transfer Portal era however long it survives … hoping that we continue to add better talent to the defensive side which appears to be the Hogs’ weakest link at the moment. CBO will more than earn his salary in 2022 if he somehow gets this bunch to finish in the top half of the SEC in scoring defense, especially without his All-American safety.

Unless KJ blossoms into an All-SEC 1st or 2nd team QB (resulting in a very special season for Arkansas), I expect him back for his senior year along with the current stable of talented RB’s. Recruiting at the OL and WR positions has been solid so we should be OK there as well for the foreseeable future.

Bottom line … it’s a good time to be a Hog fan! The stars may be finally aligning for a team and a fan base who would love to be a part of the year end CFP party.



I’ve not entertained the idea KJ to be back next year. As fans we get to do the what if game. So–

Thoughts about KJ coming back next year?

SI has KJ at a 5th Round grade coming into this year … several websites mention him among those with a good chance to improve their draft stock by playing well in 2022. If he has the kind of year we all hope he will have, he likely won’t be back … if he doesn’t show much improvement over 2021, he will likely be viewed by scouts as a pretty good college QB worth a 5th to 7th round pick. In this day and age, late round projections bring NIL money into play for an athlete with eligibility deciding whether to come back for another year.



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Don’t forget CSP’s part in recruiting players, both in the portal and otherwise. His recruitment of staff and the subsequent retention has been amazing.


after MO state, we go A&M, Bama, at MissStake, at BYU. that is just brutal. if we could go 2-2 in that stretch, then we are set up for a really really fun end of the season.


I believe KJ is under valued. Would like to see a Briles open up the playbook at some point so KJ can showcase his arm. Do not expect him back next year.

Ha! Intentionally omitted “at Auburn”?

I so badly want to beat Auburn this year. I’d love to stomp the crap out of them.


If KJ comes back, I expect to lose another QB on campus currently. I hope he has a great year!

Well if he doesn’t come back, Hornsby needs to come in games and show off HIS arm if we want to feel comfortable about next year—good solid line, speedy tall receivers, excellent RBs, but no proven passer? Got to take time to develop Hornsby for next year.

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