Its a good thing

for some of the teams heading to Omaha that all six SEC regional winners were paired intra-SEC in the supers…else imo likely at least one, perhaps two of the other three would have displaced couple of the non SEC teams that made the final 8. Particularly Vandy and Auburn were outstanding against their SEC opponents.

True. I think the committee didn’t want to have a SEC tournament in Omaha.

I just have a sneakin’ feelin’ that is was no accident they all
matched up against each other. There were 10 in the whole
bracket so you would expect about a 50/50 split across both
sides. Oddly enough, the top 7 all got put on the same side
while the lowest 3 on the other side. It was designed for the
SEC to weed each other out in my opine.

It appears to be a deliberate move to minimize as much
as possible the possibility of fifty percent of the field in Omaha being from the SEC. We missed it by an eighth. :smiley:

I am glad we don’t open against TT or OSU.