It would be fun...

To go back and dig up what some of the Chicken Littles were saying after the first Florida game: This isn’t a 20-win team, can’t even go .500 in the SEC, has no heart, etc., etc. There are still huge servings of crow in the oven for some of you Negative Nellies.

To recap: We’ve now clinched at least .500 in the SEC with four games to go, and got #20 today. OM cut it to 5, boom, 15-0 run.

Swine, not only a big win, but it looked like the team was having fun and fed off the crowd, or maybe it was the crowd that fed off the team having fun.

Agreed. It was a good crowd, and the guys did look like they were having fun. Need another good crowd Wednesday against the Ags. I just logged on and bought my tickets for A&M. Would have been there today except I had to be at work at 7 :expressionless:

Work always spoils fun.


I don’t believe the FL game was all on the players. Watching the football collapse on the big screen just before and during the game created a weird and unsettling environment for everyone. Hindsight being what it is… the bball team should not have been placed in that situation. I was there and the whole night was just off.

I was there too. It was a weird situation for the fans, but I don’t think it made any difference for the players. They just couldn’t stop Allen and Robinson, and Barford couldn’t throw it in the ocean that night.