It will be tough!

It is going to be hard to find a coach to replace Mike Anderson. I agree it was probably the right decision to let him go because our FICKLE fan base was just going to grumble all next year on radio talk shows, on Razorback Internet Boards, by taking out full page ads in the newspaper, and possibly hiring planes to circle Walton Arena. Attendance at games was going to suffer. Coaches and players would constantly be criticized publicly. The ones who were MA supporters would probably sit quietly and hope that conditions would improve. With a history of stuff like this happening in Arkansas, why would any coach who is currently making a million plus dollars want to leave his comfort zone and want to come here. Those of us who are 50 or older lived through the scandalous days of the SMU football years. We remember with horror at what happened to that storied program. However, with players being hired to play basketball in the SEC and the shoe companies sponsoring AAU events and college athletic programs now, what is the difference. If I am a basketball coach, I want to hibernate in my current job and make my millions in a place where I won’t be bothered by a bunch of crazy fans and journalists that act like a pack of wolves! Mike Anderson has been called by many as a fine man. I for one agree whole heartedly and say that he leaves some big shoes to fill at the University of Arkansas.

100% right on the money.

Correct!!! The Arkansas fan base or a very vocal segment is out of control and has been for sometime. I would date this back to Houston Nutt years of football.

He got 8 years! How much more was he supposed to get?

He wasn’t mistreated, he didn’t get abused. he got paid very well. What’s the problem?

And yes it will be hard to replace a good coach and good man. But it’s not impossible.

It’s time to turn the page of all the living in the past that came when they brought him back here.

This is exactly correct. Why do we keep bringing it up. He will be replaced and hopefully we get a great coach whether some believe we deserve it or not.

I have never rooted for an Arkansas coach to succeed like Mike Anderson.

He lost by almost 30 to Sampson and UH two years ago when Hunter was named AD. Some said played soft and he under recruited talent.

Not a good first impression.

Got blown out first round of NCAA last year.

Bad year this year.

And down to hoping to have late signing period juco guys could be added in recruiting this year and didn’t seem like much of a plan for year 9.

At a program still about number 13 nationally in NCAA appearances.

Mike is as good a man and honest as anyone who has ever coached at Arkansas.

But high level performance on the court of a top national program was not even close unfortunately.

Hopeful Arkansas Administration truly committed to a top program and hopeful for a big step up with all appreciation for a solid effort and incredible good man leadership from Mike.

For good or for bad we are here.

Can we become nationally relevant in this moment.

I hope so.

Mike’s firing is not the fault of the fan base. He was paid handsomely to win ballgames but didn’t fulfill his obligation. It’s part of the occupation. Great guy but like Clay said in his recent article, he didn’t get enough of the right recruits.

I remember being despondent when Eddie “crawled” to Kentucky. I thought we could never, ever, possibly get another coach as good.

But the next guy worked out pretty good.

So let’s not assume we won’t be better with the next guy now.

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We’re no different than any other fan base. 8 years and after watching basketball constantly for 2 weeks we aren’t close to these teams. Name one fan base that is happy w a 17-15 record in a coaches 8th year. 2 tournament wins in 8 years.

If he were at Kentucky he would have been gone long ago. Or North Carolina, or just about any other team I can think of.

Maybe it’s time we have an athletic director that demands more. Bout time in my opinion.


Have to point out to you that SMU played football in the SWC from 1915-1995 minus two year death penalty in 1987/88.
I’m not sure what you were talking about when you referenced what happened to that “Once storied program”.
They won the SWC in 1966, 1981, 1982, 1984. All three of those titles in the 80’s were a direct connection with the recruiting violations which got them the death penalty…Not hardly a “Storied Program” filled with tradition and championships.
Please do your homework when making historical references about such things in the future. Some folks on here will believe anything is fact if they don’t know the history or take the time to check it out on their own.
They did win several titles in the 1920’s and 1940’s, but that’s not really relevant to your point of a “Once storied program”.

Go Hogs!

Dfarris…An analogy means to find a likeness between two subjects…Storied simply means famous because of history or stories associated with…My intent was simply to compare what is going on in Basketball and Athletics nationwide today with what happened back in the day at SMU when the program was dealt the death penalty. Now, it seems like between the shoe companies and their agents that deals are being made for players at more places. It is a win at all cost attitude that prevails seemingly in our conference. My point being…it will be difficult to get a well established coach to leave his nest and come here where integrity is the priority. WPS!

Nailed it. Excellent post

The early prognosis by the CMA fans has not rang true. Coach Muss is well liked and respected by the players. His thorough scouting analysis with individual reports for each player is something new to college basketball. The players appreciate the detailed instructions and can see that Muss has a winning plan for the Razorbacks.

The game has changed and we will be in the new pack of leaders in the SEC

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