It will be interesting how future def coordinators attack Hornsby --------------

------------------ with his feast or famine type game. He has huge ability to make a bad play into a great play with his scrambling, speed, and escapability. He throws on the run a very deep perfect pass to a “not very open” receiver running deep for a TD and then overthrows a very short pass to a wide open Hazellwood for a sure TD. They will test his check off ability and try to confuse him with their stunts on defense.

I doubt we see Hornsby the rest of the year. Sam likes KJ and to play bullyball.

I would play cloud zone with couple spies on him–for when he takes off to run. Force him to stay in pocket and throw in tight windows then rally to hit him. Basically same as we did last Saturday for third year in row but MSU’s QB now has experience to handle it —that assumes the other team tackles in secondary better than us.

I hope we find our bully ball this weekend–good time for it.

Bear traps? TEC 9s? Mustard gas?

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If a team plays that, you hand it to the back. Ideal.

Agree . Hope Brilles is disclipined to do that.

The quarterback reads that. I believe that’s the difference between KJ and either of those who have played little in games. It’s called experience.

FYI, you blitz the young ones. Cover against those with experience. There are exceptions and also times when you have Will Anderson or Wayne Martin.

Sam has worked hard trying to find a defensive line coach who can recruit. Do you think we are getting closer to having some of those in the future? MissStake’s 5 O-linemen just seemed to have no trouble blocking any of our rushers one-on-one.

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