It will be hard not to root for RJ today

I’d kind of like to see him score 30 in a 30 point loss. I’ll always remember fondly that epic 5-A final with his FC Mustangs and Hornet High of Maumelle in the Summit Bank of the Day Arena. One of the best high school games I’ve ever seen.

I hope Glasper has success but not at the expense of our Hogs! The young man was the odd man out on the hill and left so he could play! There have been a lot of players leave the state and play and come back and haunt our fan base. There’s one I remember all too well. Keith Cater went to Ole Miss. I hated to see him in the Rebel uniform

Sounds like a good guy that had some back luck on the Hill. I am happy he had a good go at Tech and now at ORU; however, not today. Today he is the enemy and I hope none of them have a good game. Tomorrow, I hope he averages 50 and gets an NBA deal, but not today.

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