It will be frigid today

There is a high of 39 and north winds that could gust to 25 mph in Fayetteville. We’re probably looking at a game-time wind chill of upper 20s.

Well the cold weather should favor the hogs but that’s absolutely miserable baseball weather.
Warm up and get your body ready today and avoid injuries. A win would be great.

I have my heated seat cushion and my heated mitten/gloves recharged. I am missing heated socks (they have been ordered, but aren’t here yet.) The good news is that I will be in the sun for most of the game and out of the wind.


At least the wind will be blowing out. But there is nothing fun about playing baseball in cold weather…nothing!!!

Having the proper clothing for the wether makes it more tolerable. Just be thankful there isn’t any misty drizzle coming down today! Stay warm and thank you for your feedback from the games.
By the way you haven’t mentioned a dog show lately! When your next trip with the dogs to a show.

What does it take to cancel a game or series because of the weather besides tornado warning or heavy rain? Just how low does the wind chill need to go to cancel a game?
UA…Campus of Champions

It’s brutal today, Billy. The wind is straight out of the north at 15-25 mph.

Been there and done that coaching a game that we pretty much had to play bc we had been rained out for about a week or so.

The temperature was in the mid 30’s with a huge wind blowing and it was at night!!! We had two big Orange containers full of hot chocolate both were gone by the time the 5 th inning rolled around.

I had three or four layers of clothes on but when you’re coaching you’re just standing there getting hammered.

The only other time I’ve been colder was at the bowl game in Memphis

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The young dog is just now old enough to begin showing. I haven’t entered him anywhere yet. He will be going to the National in early May.

Try getting a heated vest or a heated coat. I have both…really keeps you warm.