It Was Incredible.........

I’m so proud of my guys!! They fought their guts out!! I got home past 4:30am this morning. One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. What a wonderful experience!! I’ll be back at Baum tonight to fight once again. Go Hogs!!!

The players were incredible but you cannot say enough about the fans. I mean wet and tired but still calling the Hogs and doing Arkansas-Razorbacks back and forth. Anything to stay awake and keep the Hogs energized. I really think that Moo State had to be a bit demoralized when we just kept coming back, but they do have some hitters. Finishing the job tonight would be awesome! Those who were there will never forget that marathon !

I know I won’t ever forget it. I first went to the ball park about 1 p.m. thinking it would be a 3 p.m. start. Then, the press parking lot filled up with water and I would have had to wade through ankle deep water to get to the media building. I decided just to take a nap in my truck. I did for about an hour. Best decision I made of the day. Probably saved me about 2 a.m. I never really got tired. It was too entertaining to get tired.