It was bad no doubt, but the dramatics are worse..

Let’s be real, something not allowed in the bubble of make believe many times. 1. Yes, Robb Smith is out of his league coaching defense at Arkansas. We don’t have the same talent as 80% of the rest of the SEC, so we can’t have average coaches, we need remarkable coaches. 2. This was Gus Malzahn’s Super Bowl game, he will never admit it, but he only wanted one job, and would leave his current job tomorrow, if Arkansas hired him. Problem is, short of cheating, his record wouldn’t be any better, and maybe worse than Bielema’s. 3. Auburn got to sit at home and watch the Ole Miss vs Ark game last week, they were already fired up after last yr, they were rested, and it was a home game. 4. Auburn has a defense, Arkansas has some slow turtles, Florida’s running back by committee and running QB transfer from Purdue are going to put up 300 on the ground against them. 5. But, no, this isn’t the worst loss ever. Remember the Citadel, remember LA~Mo? 6. And no Arkansas wouldn’t lose 100 out of 100 times, if both teams were coming off no rest and difficult games. If Arkansas established the run, and didn’t get off to a horrible start in the first QRTR, slowed down the game, they could beat them. Arkansas’ problem is they can’t block, that experiment with Fruholdt or whatever his name is, I’d not working. He has the ability, but he doesn’t understand a lot. Skipper is average, and has a temper that hurts the team. And the entire defense is just slow, they look like they’re crawling out there.

Arkansas needs every second of this off week, because their are major issues on the OL, and with the entire defense…And character seems to be an issue, I didn’t see any fight in them yesterday…
Camping World Bowl here we come unless they fix what is obviously broke in a hurry.