It was a very long day

… but a rewarding one. I spent a good deal of it walking all around Omaha. First I walked to the Alumni Association party, then later I walked to the stadium. As I was going through security, I was told that my iPad would not be allowed in as it was considered a recording device. (iPhones are fine, but no iPads.) So I had to hoof it to my car and then back to the stadium. It was really hot before the rains came. I will admit that I am old and out of shape, but the win was well worth it. My feet should recover by tomorrow. (I have a ticket for UNC vs Moo U.)

Glad that the squeeze was worth the juice, Marty. It felt great watching it on TV, so I can only imagine how rewarding it would have been to be there for that Bevo-hoofing.

A couple of questions - about what was the rough split of the crowd for our game? 60/40 Hog fans? Second, based on what you saw last night, is our turnout of fans larger than in other years - or, about the same?

I’m not good at estimating crowds, but I felt like we had a clear majority. I think the turnout for all fans is larger this year. The attention paid to this event has gotten bigger each year. Our turnout has been fabulous. Perhaps that is a function of high expectations, or maybe it is just because we are the school closest to Omaha.