It was a good day

David Cottrell is hosting me this weekend at his beautiful home at Cordillera Ranch. I made a few pars. Lost only two balls. He shot 78. I shot 89.

That was fun despite my issues with my driver. Don’t miss it here.

But the great news was sitting in men’s grill where I checked my email over a cold IPA. I drew my first preference elk tag for Colorado hunt with Jim Daniel. Cool day.


Congrats on that Clay!

Jean Ann had two questions? You drew the lottery and it is going to cost you $700? What kind of lottery is that?

I don’t think she gets elk hunting.

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David and I are in front of the 16th. Voted most beautiful hole in Texas every year.


Any day on the golf course is a good day.

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You right about that

Clay called me today to tell. I just got home and checked mine. I also drew my 1st choice, Muzzle Loaded, either sex, GMU 6, 16, 161, 171, and a few others around N Park. Now, got to step up.

Also drew my first choice for deer. GMU 102. that is E CO south of Yuma. The deer there are scary big since it is all private land. I work with some of the big farmers out there. they let very few on their land.

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I’d say about 1 in 6 of my balls off tee would be found

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I played yesterday at Bear Trace in Chattanooga. It’s a Jack Nicklaus design. Started off with 3 pars which is unusual for me. Ended up with an 86 which (for me) is really good. Wonderful day. Kept the tee shots in the fairway mostly. Which is unusual for me.

Cordillera Ranch is also a Nicklaus design.

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I was not in the fairway.

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Beautiful course….you earned it!

David Cottrell took me to Utopia Golf Course today. True goat ranch although the goats did not like it and left. Seven Days of Utopia has two books and one movie (Robert Duvall). Fun day with much laughter. Played 9 holes.


That’s going to be a pretty tight lie there Clay…always hate those.

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Always, every, never, seriously edgy words.

Got to hit the ball first. I made a few pars. I bounced a birdie putt over the cup.

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Looks like Jaycee coarse in Pine Bluff I grew up on…

Loved the movie.

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David Cottrell and me beside his wild boar statue in his backyard at Cordillera Ranch.


My wrists and hands are aching just looking at that lie…brutal!!!

It had been watered over night. So it was softer than you would expect.