It took me longer than usual to get over the game last night

Who would you consider to be clutch on this team? Not just FTs, but who is going to make the shots when the pressure is really on?

AB, without a doubt.

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He was definitely trying to take over the game the other night. Would you want him at the line with a one and one with the game on the line? What about taking Scotty’s shot for a natty?

Absolutely. AB has no fear.


Depending on the situation, either AB or Ricky. If we are behind and need a 2 or 3 to win or tie, with only a few seconds left we’d need someone who can get their shot. So Ricky.

If we are ahead or tied and 11 to 30 seconds left. I’d want AB with the ball in his hands.

I think both are clutch players. Obviously, if Nick is back and healthy for the back third of the season, it’s Nick in every case.

Ricky didn’t have a great game against Auburn. I’m not ready to say he’s clutch. Not that good players can’t have a bad game, just as we get into SEC play I want a bigger body of evidence on his work before I go there.

NSJ isn’t even clutch to return at this point so…

I don’t even understand what your last partial sentence means. I laid out a specific situation with qualifiers, when Nick would be the choice.

It was disappointing that Pinion only got one FG attempt against Auburn in fourteen minutes on the court.

I understand. I’m just commenting that NSJ can’t be considered even “clutch” to return to the team. I honestly feel for the kid. I think he has so many people in his ear that it makes it impossible to go enjoy balling.

I will go with Ricky. Ricky is a better scorer and a lot quicker off the dribble than AB. I don’t think I have seen AB pull up for a jumper yet. In the clutch, you need all options.

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I understand what you are saying, but, time permitting a great pass for a dunk or a wide open man is also clutch. If the situation demands only a quick shot, I agree the choice would be Ricky.

I am no zone offense expert, but it sure seems to me that the zone is confusing these guys. The passing has been good, but the movement without the ball doesn’t seems to be fluid, i.e. there is hesitation and confusion on the movement as in who is going to move at what time and where. I believe Muss will get this fixed and we are going to be fine this season but its going to take a few games to get it.

As Nolan always said, win your home games, and half your road games and you are going to be at the top of the division. We are still on that track but have our work cut out for us on Wednesday to stay on that track.


They are standing too much, and not cutting. I’ve been screaming at my TV about it the last few games.
Muss says it is being addressed.

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Seemed like more of a lack of experience deal than a lack of athleticism deal. Being a little taller would’ve helped on those plays, but it was just a case of a offensive player really feeling it and licking his chops. That’s when you gotta step up and stop the bleeding. Hard to do when a shooter is on fire, but if he’s attacking you you gotta take it personally. Push back, go for the block or the steal, don’t expect your teammates to bail you out, if you foul you foul, talk some trash and let em know this ain’t how it’s gonna go all night. Just takes experience as much as anything. It’s not easy. That was a good player going at him.

He couldn’t have done any more than he did, he went up defended the shot, the guy just shot it over him and made them. He’s not a great defensive player but it’s not because of lack of effort.


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