It sure does take our coach

A long time to get his staff settled each year. Any idea on timetable for finalizing things. Are we waiting on another coach to find a job? If Rhodes is going to be the man why not just announce it.

Keep seeing it said Rhodes will be “at-least” Co-DC. Maybe that’s the issue, some of the guys that are “supposedly” interviewing might not want to be a “Co” anything. JMO

They have a team meeting tonight since all the players are now back and the early enrollees are here.

So I would expect something soon.

Better to be sure than fast.

It seems he treats coaching searching like recruiting. He tends to try and find a diamond in the rough and he states they will be better than the last but we shall see. The last two ( Smith & Seagrest) didn’t seem to be better than the previous.

I thought the last 2 were Reggie Mitchell and Paul Rhoads. They were/are pretty well thought of.

You’re correct. Thank you is stating that Paul Rhoads has been promoted to defensive coordinator.

Better source than