It suddenly occurred to me

Watching this game that we stopped doing that university of Arkansas AT Fayetteville crap. I remember the paper made a big deal to add that and somehow it died out. Thank goodness but what was the reason for stopping it when it was such a big deal to start it?


Dunno but I’m glad it’s over.

It was never going to last more than a flash in a pan. Pure pettiness

It may have died out about the time the school started branding itself just as Little Rock.

RD should comment on this, but I believe ADZ and Wally stopped UAF stuff and that triggered the death of UAF reference.

That is when it started

I think it stopped shortly after I began referring to the Little Rock school as UALR-Little Rock.


Here in North Carolina, I worked at what most people referred to as UNC, but we were told to refer to it in all official correspondence as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Was fine with me, especially since I had one son at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and another son at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. It was not like one son went to the real university and the other son went to a mere satellite.

I was okay with University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. I saw nothing wrong with it. In fact, it was good pub Fayetteville. Hig fans made a big deal out of nothing.

Maybe they should switch it to “The University of Arkansas” /s

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RD should comment on this, but Ali believe ADZ and Wally stopped UAF stuff and that triggered the death of UAF reference.

No one liked it but one person insisted and that person had the power to do it. Luckily the person listened and the change was made.


From an athletic standpoint it is.

Could be. But not everything at a University is about athletics. In fact most things at a University are not about athletics.

True, but on this message and regarding this topic almost all of it is about athletics (and the money associated with it).

But since you brought it up, strictly looking at public universities, why is it the majority of those at the top have excellent athletic programs? Is that just a coincidence? Are those athletic programs great because all those athletes want to go to top educational program, or is the university greatly benefited by a strong athletic department? I’ll hang up and listen.

Obviously this site is about athletics, but the issue being discussed is the official name of a university, and I don’t think that has much to do with athletics. And yes, a lot of public institutions have great athletics programs, and they do bring attention to the universities AND academics as well as athletics attract some if not all athletes to universities. So I have no argument with you at all. I was just saying that the names “The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville” and “The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill” are fine with me, we all know what public university is the biggest and has the best athletic program, but the names are appropriate as far as I am concerned.


I hated it. It felt condescending. Glad it’s gone.

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thought it was so useless…my dad’s degree(both his B.A and his LLB(the old law degree)say University of Arkansas…while mine says University of Arkansas at Little Rock…2 separate schools that just happen to be in the same system…much like multiple high schools or elementary schools within a school district…each separate but under the umbrella of one board

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I started in Fayetteville and completed my degrees at UAMS in the 70s. It disqualified me from having my name engraved in the sidewalk …. although anyone going into a medical profession had no choice but to transfer to UAMS or another school.

I debated this with the alumni association for awhile. I got alumni mail but wasn’t considered a “real” alumni in the eyes of Fayetteville.

I doubt that’s changed. UA Fayetteville thinks of itself as prime beef and the rest of us are just cold cuts.

The U of A has a bunch of stupid rules that has cost them big time in donations. You have listed one of them.