It starts with getting the right players THEN coaching them up ---------

----------------- and leading them to victories. I think you need the spread RPO offense to attract great offensive players since that is the dominant offense in high school football. Pittman should lean more towards power running to take advantage of eventual offensive line strength, but he should not go to a pro system. Even the pros are running mostly spread offenses.

The only defenses in the RPO era that are successful have great athletes. Auburn, LSU, Clemson, etc. just recruit better players. The hurry up spread just leaves yours and theirs defenses gassed out and scrambling to hang on. The schools without great players just try hard to outscore the others and hope for the best.

The defensive coordinator choice will be very interesting.

Our QBs became better when CSP took his first step on Fayetteville soil. He will recruit better Oline men and will coach up the ones we have. 2014 his Oline allowed only 8 sacks that season, he won’t be there next season but he will be pushing to recreate that type of line again you can bet. WPS