It Seems to Me,

perhaps I am wrong, that so far this camp there has been much less scrambling than in the past. There was Oline which we knew, but that seems somewhat settled. They seem to be just trying to improve each area instead of having to remake them. If that is really the case, that bodes well for the season, especially early season which has not been great the past 3 yrs.

Am I reading this correctly? Of course, it could all be coach speak and in reality, it is a mess, but this group seems to do less of that.

I think we are seeing the results of solid recruiting, good player development and low attrition.

I am holding my breath on this offense. I have high hopes but realistic expectations. There are a lot of new faces, especially at QB. Whenever that happens it will be difficult to have consistent success in the early part of the season. I am worried that if Austin Allen is out there running for his life and makes a few bad throws, the Arkansas fan base might turn on him like they did his brother. He is going to make some mistakes, I just hope people understand that is what new QB’s do.

Looks like Offense will become fairly “wrotely run” until we develop some weapons and certainty at quarterback. Suits me, though, if we can just have a bus driver at QB (aka Alabama, spit) until confidence under fire is had. With this defense, though, i will not complain about the bus driver, ever.