It seems to me that

More than half of the players we are recruiting are not getting offers from other SEC teams. It doesn’t matter who the coach is we are not going to win many games if SEC type players don’t want to play for the Razorbacks.

That is not true. Better look again.

I hope you are right and that instead my memory is faulty. Nevertheless, per 247 Sports of the 19 players committed to the 2019 class, 10 of the 19 haven’t receive any other SEC offers and another was only offered by Missouri. And, all but 2 SEC teams are ranked higher in the 2019 recruiting class.

Therefore, it still seems to me that the reason Arkansas is not winning is because too few SEC quality players are willing to be Razorbacks.

This is a very solid recruiting class outside of OL.

That’s where the concerns are for me. I think 1 is going to be a producer, and I’m not sold on the others.

I do agree on the look for SEC offers, it’s telling. But our players are very solid and have good offers for the most part, it is the best class as of right now we’ve seen in a long, long time.

As far as offers, I haven’t done a lot of research on the numbers, but there’s one starter on the team that had more than double of the offers one service is reporting. That jumped out to me because I knew the number was way low. I reached out to the father of the kid to confirm. I’ve seen numerous others not being credited with their offers. I suspect there’s several others too.

Often times the kids never report some offers.

Arkansas is ranked 17th, 22nd and 24th nationally in the 3 major recruiting services

There are nine players rated as 4-stars in somebody’s rankings.

There are some guys with the offer lists like you mentioned, but not many.

If we go on hard data instead of opinions. the 17th ranking in rivals is the highest Arkansas has been since 2002.

I am happy with the start to the recruiting. I know some on here have said I haven’t been positive about it. But I have made some good comments on this. We did land some good players. I was happy for Zach, since he is from my high school. But we struck out on the 2 best O lineman in the state to border programs. That was very disappointing to me.

I look at who the kids are offered by as well. Some solid kids. Some very questionable commits. It’s been a mixed bag.

The bad part is we are 11th of 14 SEC schools. That HAS to get better.

I am afraid that we will get fillers going forward. I’d love for us to get Catalon, and hope that we could flip Wilkins. Unfortunately, if we go 1-11 or 2-10, we may lose some of our pledges that have already committed. And it does not help that we had recruits clowning us in our own stadium over the weekend.

Let’s see how we finish.

That sounds pretty good until you realize per 247 Sports there are 10 SEC teams with 2019 recruiting classes ranked above Arkansas and so far only one player, Treylon Burks, is ranked in the top 300 players. It is very difficult to recruit SEC type players when you have little hope of winning such as the average prediction against Auburn this week is something like Auburn 60 and Arkansas 10 and Arkansas fans believe we may not win another game.

very solid class coming in if we retain them all…I wish we had better OL coming in although I will say Limmer is going to be a stud and I think Winkel from last yr will too,Gatlin has some potential and I really Tim Anderson the Juco kid we have offered we really need to add 2 very OL with what we have left b/c IMO the OL will make or break going forward as we are losing 3 this yr…

To be ranked #17 without Henry…and with the season we are now having…is a major plus for this staff. Some won’t want to hear that though.

I hope Chad doesn’t drive a truck.

That depends on your perspective. Compared to all the teams in the USA, that’s outstanding. However, compared to most other teams in the SEC, that’s lousy because Arkansas is ranked near the bottom of the SEC.

That doesn’t imply that we don’t have outstanding coaches and recruiters. If almost all SEC type players don’t want to be Razorbacks, there is not much than any coach can do to overcome it. If possible, somehow Arkansas must win with less talent than other SEC teams because only by winning will recruiting improve.

I know this isn’t the recruiting board and so far this class looks good, but where are the O linemen in this class?

I know we have to improve speed at skill positions and all and D line recruiting looks good too, but worried that O line seems behind recruiting so far.

There’s one huge factor in the recruiting process. “Speed”. As the hogs get faster things will improve. What we all need to learn is too be positive. These hogs we are watching may not be world beaters but they are our hogs!
The crootin will improve and they will get better. I’m hoping we see an improve in the Oline. I’m hoping the coaches are able to sign the kids they have committed in this class.

One class will not fill all the holes this team needs to fill and once you get them on campus it will take maturity/time to turn most of them into players. We are two full years/classes from turning the corner in this league.

If they can sign the guys that are committed we have taken a step in the right direction and it’s going to be one step at a time, patience is a must. WPS

If we are 17th in the country, it doesn’t bother me that we’re 10th in the SEC. Obviously, I’d rather be higher, but the importance isn’t so much in where we rank as it is in the gap between each rank. I’m sure the top 1-3 rated classes are much better than a class rated 10th. However, if say, the classes ranked from 5-10 are separated by one player having one more star (or a high rated 4 star vs a lower rated 4-star), then there’s essentially no difference between the classes.

If our class ranking is a legitimate 17th in the country, I’ll take my chances on where we fall in the SEC rankings. After all, we know the league is tough. However, if the talent is that close, we can win more than our share of games. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be #1 in the SEC recruiting rankings than #10, but it’s not like each place is equidistant from the one above it & below it.


10??? Really?? I’ll give them 3 and this is at the end of the 4th quarter when Auburn has in the 4th team defense.

The score might get ugly before Auburn plays their reserves. However, we are better than their reserves, but it may not seem that way because by the time they play they will be fresh and we will be exhausted.

Per 247, if you actually try to look and click on full offer list, 15 of our recruits have SEC offers…

Burks, Soli, Gregory, Z williams, Clay, Jefferson, E Jackson, otey and Nash all have multiple elite sec offers

C williams: Ole Miss (OSU and OU)
TQ Jackson: Mizzou
Spivey: LSU and Mizzou
M Brooks: Ole Miss
Zimos: Mizzou
Miller: Tennessee and Mizzou
*That’s also not mentioning what other P5 offers they have

Limmer, Stone, Latham and Chavis are the only ones without