It seems there are some issues

With the place where Misery State is staying in Stillwater. Twitter thread from an MSU player

Not the best look for Wyndham for sure.

There aren’t too many places to stay in Stillwater.

My Oklahoma friend always said if you wanted to give the United States an enema, you would insert it Lawton, but sounds like the location may have changed!

Lawton has more hotels because of the base. Stillwater doesn’t have many reasons to have a lot of hotels. It’s close enough to OKC and Tulsa that many alumni can just drive back home after games. There was a new Hampton I stayed in a few months ago but overall not many places to stay. I would think they will have to work on that in order to continue to host but maybe not.

:open_mouth: :rage:

Inexcusable they’d have to stay in such a place

Spent a few years in Lawton and it’s not a bad place. There’s places to stay and eat that are nice. Stillwater on the other hand need HELP!

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btw - he is wrong. The place to insert an enema is clearly Norman!

There is apparently a big wrestling tournament this week in Stillwater. Hotels are hard to find.

My daughter recently moved to Cache, just outside Lawton. Don’t know how long she’ll be there, but so far she seems to like it. Her two young children just finished 4 y/o & pre-k in Cache & she is happy with the school system. I’d never been to that part of Oklahoma until she moved there. It’s really a pretty part of the country & is nothing like the open “nothingness” that I always associate with Oklahoma.

for Texas, Wichita Falls is nice and Lawton is like an almost suburb or vice versa. I spent one weekend in Stillwater and have no inclination to ever read the city limits sign again. Strange place in the late 70’s and have not heard anything redeeming since. I was really perplexed that Phillip Dokes and James Duck White chose to play football in Stillwater. I heard lots of hitchhiking stories from Coach Sutton and a really close friend, Jim Montgomery who worked for Mr. Iba. One visit and I knew why the stories were about leaving town.

Twitter thread got nuked. Any synopsis?

Bedbugs. Used underwear left in one of the rooms. Blood stains on a pillow. Badly stained upholstery.

OSU football paid well in the 70s and 80s (if not later, too). We lost Dokes, White, and Leslie O’Neil and probably others. We also lost James Cowens (Ben’s little brother) from St. Louis as well.

Some of Missouri State’s players were moved to a hotel here in Stillwater. The rest were sent to Ponca City about 45 miles away.

Not much better in PC

Microtel is usually pretty decent for a budget hotel. I’ve stayed in quite a few of them over the years. The only.bad experience I had with them, was in Lexington Kentucky. That place seemed to be over run with druggies and poor housekeeping. We know still waters breed mosquitoes. Maybe they breed bed bugs too.

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