It seems the players have lost faith in Pittman

Yes NIL plays a role in it but when team captains , 3 year starters leave the program . You have problems , I am sorry I have never been 100% sold on Pittman. Yes he did win some big games , can’t take that from him. But I am unimpressed listening to him speak. He seems to lack enthusiasm , doesn’t move you.

He won most of y’all over by crying on tv , for a “once in a lifetime job” . When we were a complete dumpster fire. Well folks we are headed back that way , if not already there.

We are getting portal commitments for Schools you didn’t even know existed and Pittman thinks he can win with that in the SEC. This is getting ugly. There has to be a better coach to right the ship.

This is happening at programs all over the country. North Carolina losing coaches and players as are other schools. Will see more jump now that their bowl games finish.

Nil is like the nfl and if you can play they will find you. We did this with ridgeway landers et Al.

Sam is not perfect but right now seems to be okay. In 2-3 then maybe you can sound an alarm.

@dilibe357 I’ve never read any posts of yours that indicated you liked anything going on with the Hogs. You are consistent for sure. :sunglasses:


Pitman is turning the roster over to give us a better program. Some players we lost won’t start for the upper level teams. He hasn’t lost the team. The guys that are here want to win. Thinning the herd shows the guys left that we are in it to win it.


Let’s not forget that there were apparent problems with the S&C staff this past year & perhaps some poisoning of the well. If not the right personnel or if disgruntled, their day to day contact with players can become a cancer to any team. There was good reason that CSP sacked the entire S&C staff.


Pitty worthy.

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Apparently you never read any post on Musselman . I love the guy and our b- ball team .

Yep. Disappears when things are going well, crawls out from under the bridge when he sees an opportunity to be negative.


What an idiotic thread!


Go back to the barber shop.


I don’t read his posts. Put him and others on ignore. I once had to read everything. Not my job anymore.


I blocked calls from certain retailers when I retired. Just in case they didn’t know. It sure felt good….

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If you ever listened to Bear Bryant & some of the other great coaches, they too were stoic & languid in speaking but can’t argue with their results. Sounds like a lame excuse to denounce CSP.


Pittman is charismatic - when he is up you know it, and when he is down you know it. You get the full spectrum of emotion with him. Human, in otherwords. If he were perpetually “up” he’d be “fake.”


It seems that a risk comes with an opinion board, some opinions come from a position of some information, some from a position of intelligence and some just come from what someone pulls from their rear end.

Two extra points for effectively using languid.


Everybody has a right to their opinion.

However some have the same explanation after every disappointing game….Bad play calling or bad officiating.

At least the latest discussion is over something less subjective - overall management of the football program.

Imo, Pittman is operating in unchartered territory - NIL and portal. I’m optimistic, but who knows? It’s all new stuff.


The “glass half full” spin of that is that every coach is still new with NIL and relatively new with the portal.

Coaches accustomed to winning due to depth of the program (Alabama is the poster child) now lose that depth every year. Alabama has been (largely) able to withstand an injury over the years. Depth at many positions allows for in-game substitutions should a player be sick, hurt (but still trying to play), or underperforming. The practice coaching that goes on could risk offending a player - pre-portal there was no place to go, so you endure.

The glass half-empty version of this is that Pittman’s vision was about building long-term program depth due to belief in the system and being able to rely on guys who are in their 3rd, 4th, and 5th years in the program. Those players become 5-star guys due to maturity when compared to the raw talent of a kid who is in year 1 or 2 (but less mature).

No doubt Sam’s plan was the long term development plan. Interested to see if he’s able to and willing to fully embrace the NIL/portal world.

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Understand that CSP calls it like it is & his demeanor reflects that. The players, parents, staff, & fan base are not interested in cheap sales pitches & hollow promises. After a couple of years, most will see thru that nonsense.

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