It seems that the reports of Jonathan Holmes' demise

As a member of the Hog basketball team were greatly exaggerated. He’s on the roster and there’s a tweet (which I can’t find now) posted today in his game uni. So the human victory cigar is back (we’re 17-0 in games in which he played).

I asked Arkansas’ basketball SID about his situation on Monday. He asked to step away for a few days to handle some things. Arkansas’ student newspaper, The Traveler, then ran the story saying he was leaving the program. He came back like the day after it ran. If Jonathan was really leaving the team there would have been a bigger uproar from players, you know?

I am not sure what you are implyiing by using the word “demise”, but I had read that it was his decision to focus on studies. Apparently, he missed basketball a lot.

It was a Mark Twain joke. When told that a newspaper had printed his obituary prematurely, Twain is reported to have said “the reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.”