It seems like Briles and KJ are still looking someone to be Treylon ---------

---------------- they run Hazelwood in all of the motions like they did for Treylon last year, but he is not getting open. KJ aggressively threw to Hazelwood in the first game, throwing to his back shoulder with two defenders near for a TD, but not since.

I said Hazelwood in the last couple of weeks. Throw the man the ball.

Look at the tape he is getting open some…

Not saying Ketron Jackson can be Treylon Burks, but he makes things happen when he’s targeted. I think his continued growth is a big key the rest of the season.


Our receivers are getting open.

Our receivers are having to stop, stand still and wait on balls. Or flop on the ground to catch all’s. Or reach behind themselves to catch a ball. And occasionally they don’t catch a ball that is only kinda poorly thrown. Really hard for me to criticize them.

What’s easy to say is that our passing game is not clicking. As our head coach has told us. 7 more games to figure this out.


Burks gave Arkansas the one guy who could make a 10 yarder into a 20-30 yarder or a TD. Instead of 4-5 play drives, it seems to me Arkansas is having to have longer sustain drives to score.

Yes, they are. But they also seem to be dropping a lot of passes too.

PFF shows Arkansas has 11 drops in 5 games, so about 2 per game. Haselwood and Thompson have 3, Knox 2, and Jaedon Wilson/Rocket/Landers each have 1.

I think the issue with the sustained drives is because we aren’t winning first down. When we win first down those 20-30 yard plays are there.

I wish we would quit wasting first downs on the hurry up run into the line for 0-2 yards after we get one. It’s rare we do well when we do the hurry and snap the ball deal in those situations and run it. Every so often we get a good play, but our percentages are not good at all. I’m all for getting to the line fast and forcing the defense to show their hand, but we simply don’t block those plays well when our OL hurries and we quickly snap.

sometimes it feels like KB is over creative, like cutting pumpkin pie. KISS and move on, I am to the point of wanting something back that I never thought should happen. Jim Chaney post Sean Payton training. Im not Catholic but I need a rosary to knead after that statement.

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